Oh Mr Darwin, What Have You Done?

Happy Birthday to Mr Darwin. I’m usually late with birthday cards so this is not so bad. Happy Darwin Day to the rest of us.

Oh, he’s famous in case you did not know. Just look here

If that’s not enough, here are some videos to get you started down the path of knowledge. It’s not yellow bricked nor a garden thingy, but it’s a good path.

David Attenborough on Darwin – by Nature Video

Evolution Ep1: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

And just in case you didn’t know about them, lets have a look at the Darwin Awards

  1. Yeah roight but if thars no Gord right ow d yu explain why dog’s is able to jump over loik my back yard fence which is more thaan 4 foots high? If GOd don’t exists SHandee moi labrador wudnt get over fence n start humpin neighbours bird table noo wud it. Dirty little barstad

  2. Excellent comment. Work of a probable genius. You will go to heaven. Love God xx

    • You’re cracking me up… Thanks for the comments.

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