If There Is No Heaven….

If there is no heaven for my dog, I don’t want to go there

My Friend

That is all

  1. Good morning from Dusseldorf…
    Heaven is here dude, it is not a place in the sky, screw that concept!

    Your dog will be happy here, so many things to eat, and good beer, and CARVEVAAAAAAL

    • I know that. My point was simply to point out that it it’s not good enough for my dog, it’s not good enough for me. There is a Twilight episode like this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0734646/reviews I am an equalist, or try to be. If heaven doesn’t want animals, I’m not welcome there.

    • J_Agathokles
    • February 12th, 2013

    All are equal in death. So whatever happens, it’s going to be the same for all lifeforms.

    • I know. It’s a comment on monotheism. I value my dog’s companionship more than their god.

    • That suits me all the way down the line…

  2. Hit the nail on the head, MAL!

    • Yeah, I got tired of hitting my thumb!!

  3. I think he will get his wish. He won’t be going there.

  4. I thought of you when I watched this video on this Mother’s Day. I hope that you enjoy it.

    • Aww thank you. I’ve been a bit sickly this week and my dogs won’t let me be alone. My mum is still doing better than expected, was fun to talk with on the phone. Thank you for thinking of me.

      • They are loyal beyond most people. All my best to you and your mother.

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