I have a lot of thought on equality. Often enough I don’t feel qualified to comment on it and the lack of true equality in the world fills me with rage from time to time. When I see someone write eloquently about some aspect of that issue I find it gives me hope. Here is such a case. Enjoy. BPSC has a lot of good stuff to say.

My Darkest Hour


Religion; the Black Plague

When did the course of the black community take a turn for the worse?
Some would argue that it happened during enslavement; black men being ripped from their families and put on display like cattle.

But some would also argue that as the new era of gangsta rap was ushered in, so was the era of mental and physical degradation by modern day African American men; projected towards mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.

Unfortunately, both would be right.

The propensity for promiscuity, violence and fathering children with multiple women, is a trait our men inherited from slavery. Black men were literally stripped from the arms of their loving wives and forced to have sex with other black women, in efforts to breed the perfect slave. The more muscular the slave, the more likely they were to breed many times over.

But who can ignore the popular…

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