God Is Not Good!

I’m not going to bore you with my own personal account today, but there are a few pointers from some other guys.

I don’t think that Mr Hitchens needs an introduction. I poured two fingers of Johnny Walker Black Label just to prepare myself to review this blog before posting. Cheers Chris!



This is a scene from the Movie “God on Trial” apparently. I’m going to have watch it. I’ll update if I can find it on Netflix etc. Awesome scene!



God is not good. Certainly not the one described in the Christian Bible, nor the Qur’an, nor the Torah. That god is a vile thing conjured from the minds of racist, violent, bigoted, sexist assholes. It was not bad enough that the Jews thought this a useful thing to do. No. The Muslims and Christians had to follow suit and claim that their stories were better so it’s all okay. All of it makes me sick. If such a god exists I would spend my days figuring out how to kill it.

The god of monotheism is NOT  good.

There endeth the lesson for today kiddies.

    • Acacia
    • February 10th, 2013

    I remember that the “better story” argument was why the protagonist (and the author) claimed that the Life of Pi would make you believe in god. The “better story” is just as much bullshit as “you never know.’

    • The “better story” is still just a story 😉
      Truth, accept no substitute! That’s what I say.

  1. Thank you so much. Enjoyed my hour with Hitchens!!!

    • Yeah, I enjoyed it too. The conviction with which he spoke is so compelling and the truth he speaks has no equal when he’s speaking it, so it seems. He was a very good speaker.

  2. You really must watch the movie god on trial, it is superb.
    i watch Hitchens later today

  3. i liked the excerpt of the movie. it well describes the current religious concepts very accurately. i only watched 5 minutes of Hitchens. I don’t know for sure, but is he a materialist?

    • Mr Hitchens is an anti-theist, or was. He recently died. He wrote many books and articles for periodicals like Vanity Fair, was a war reporter in his time and as one of the four horsemen of atheism was one of the most masterful and eloquent public speakers. All that and I’ve barely touched on what he accomplished.

  4. i will definitely watch the video of Hitchens.

  5. Hi MAL,
    it’s me again, jackie
    do you believe in Freudian Slips? I do and I heard Mr Hitchens just say

    “we have to face this alone with the intellectual and moral equipment we’ve been given.”

    then he adds, “these things are acquired or innate”

    but what does the word “given” reveal about his true viewpoint? i get the feeling of something being handed to us. if something is given that assumes there is a giver. and a giver assumes a personality of some kind, not a materialistic thing such as the purely physical universe.

    • In this context it refers to skills or traits which are not of our choosing or talent, but what we were given as humans by virtue of birth. It is difficult to restate that in a simple manner, so I don’t think that it was a slip.

      • thank you for your reply to my question. i understand what you say here about a gift being given by just having been born human. these things are quite true but does not really address this specific occurrence in his lecture. I addressed the possibility that he himself may not fully believe what he is saying.

        not to belabor my position – i did hear him hesitate after using the word “gift” – it sounds like he added the further two words, innate and acquired, because he realized his mistake. this is something we all do when we realize we have misspoken. but i have many times thought that i had misspoken when in fact, after some reflection, I realized that it was not the case at all, but that I didn’t know what my truth was before the faux pas.

        i admit that i am only making assumptions and attempting to read his mind or between the lines, but to me the catch in his voice was unmistakable.

        having been raised in England, where the church is state supported and just about everyone there has been influenced by it, i imagine he still has some underground concepts about the existence of a creator that he has blanketed over with his reasoned out beliefs as an anti-theist adult. you said he was not atheist. i’ve not heard of anti-theist, but it makes sense. in this video though i get a very strong impression that he does not believe that God is real therefore making him an atheist at least on a conscious level.

        i don’t believe i am anti-atheist, but i might be. i would say i am anti-theist though if theist refers to the present day organized religions where it refers to theology and it’s attendant dogma. i certainly am not a church and bible Christian like my sister Robin. this has been a great disappointment to her, but she has made the adjustment.

  6. re: the second video – the clip is very good and well thought out – i liked it a lot. there is one point to make. the speaker is using the bible as his reference text. but he is saying “God is not good” when in fact what he ought to be saying is “the old testament god of the jews is not good” because of the events attributed to god. saying God is not good uses broad brush strokes.
    but on this basis i agree 100% with his arguments.
    but i also think that the actual God, who is to us really unknowable, is very good. that makes me agnostic of a sort i think.


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