Dismantling The Obscene

I guess it’s time again. Sometimes I read stuff and (yes, stuff! damnit) and it gets me thinking or a bit riled up. Yeah, I know. Just because someone on the Internet is wrong doesn’t mean it’s my job to fix that.

Lately there seems to be a big push to get back to science blogging and expose new video makers and such. I’ve always tried to share when I find a blogger that I think is fun to read. There is a new video channel on Youtube called The Atheist Hub and you might want to check it out.

Really, there are some good videos there. Check it out.

On to the topic of my ire today. I saw a post linking to 15 Questions Atheists Are Sick Of Answering

I’ll take a couple at a time maybe, see how it goes. I like the answers but there is a bit more to it all than a sound bite. Oh, WARNING, I my foul language filter is broken. It broke while I was listening to William Lane Craig videos. Pretty much everything that was nice and made sense moves toward very energetic exothermic action when that man speaks.

1) Why Do Atheists Hate God?

Clearly atheism is not hatred of gods and that would actually be called misotheism. Having that sound bite does not work out all the kinks. Hating gods implies that they exist. They do not for there has never been a shred of credible evidence for the existence of any gods, most specifically not the gods of monotheism. The best evidence offered up is a book written by men but claimed to be the word of a god. Yeah, it’s that flimsy. As an atheist and anti-theist I have to say that I  have a hatred for the way that religion motivates humans to act in villainous ways and to treat other humans so poorly. All their religion does not prevent them from being nasty little humans for which there is no redemption while they remain full of faith. Yes, even kindly old grandma. She sits on the pew each week and gives money to the very organizations that would and do oppress others. If she and millions like her would come to their senses and stop supporting the oppression of others… well, the world would be a better place. I don’t hate god, I hate his followers’ actions and the justification that their religion gives them to be abhorrent people.

2) Why do atheists constantly bash god but they are suspiciously silent on Satan?

Who the fuck told you that the god of Christianity is NOT the Satan? Seriously! The only time they are seen together is when god decides to torture Job to see if he will stay faithful. Tell me that story isn’t exactly like someone on weight watchers having a conversation with themselves about the piece of German Chocolate triple layer cake in the fridge. Or perhaps some teen girl talking to herself about whether a boy really loves her and devises ‘tests’ to figure out if he really does. When god is said to supposedly one day banish Satan it’s like an abusive husband saying he won’t beat his wife anymore. Then we have the whole bit in the garden. An omniscient and omnipresent god lets Satan into the garden disguised as a snake and then acts like he doesn’t know what happened, or what Adam has done.

The dude is a liar and Satan is just his alter-ego patsy in all of this. There is no reason to bash on Satan. First, he doesn’t exist either. Second it’s far more likely that Satan is just god’s good side. Think about it, one personality wants you to suffer in this life and then give him your soul. The other personality is willing to trade and make this life easy for you. Either way you’re going to be a slave for eternity. There’s no alternate options in monotheism. Satan possesses men’s souls but god want you to invite him in. Isn’t that the thing? Werewolves will crash into your house but you have to invite a vampire inside.

This goes on and on. What was Lucifer’s crime? Oh yeah, he disagreed with god on the idea that god is all that. He was kind of thinking that god was a greedy, violent, bigoted, racist, asshole who doesn’t play fair. What we have here is a clear case of more proof that god is not perfect; even the angels think he is an asshole. So pretty much every being this god has ever created has turned against him. Why do you think that is? Satan is not my father. I know who my father is, he’s a good man.

It is not Satan that is trying to get the bible enshrined in law. It’s not Satan who is trying to oppress LGBTQ. It is not Satan that is burning witches, spreading fear about condoms, or taking sides on Sunday sports games. Satan is happy enough to leave us all alone. In fact, the only people that think Satan is active in the world are the very people that fear him, believers. The only people that are possessed of Satan are those that go to church. The only people that think Satan exists are believers in god. If no one believed in the god of Abraham there would be very few people that believed in Satan. It’s like god and Satan are brothers or just two personalities of a being with serious mental health issues.

3) Atheists, How did the universe start?

Let’s take this one from the beginning. If it were not for science people would still believe that it had always been; that the universe had no beginning. That means that this question is posed based on an acceptance of science. Science which shows that the universe is expanding and has been doing so for what appears to be about 14.5 billion years. This is not conjecture, it is science fact. When this question is posed it pushes god in to the gaps of science because they can say ‘god caused the big bang’ up to the point that science shows this to be wrong. They can then claim god did whatever it was that caused the big bang… until…  you get the picture. William Lane Craig makes a living claiming god did it and a crap tonne of other bullshit that makes no sense. The right answer is that we (we, meaning humans) do not yet know. It appears to have begun with the big bang but current theories hold that this might well be a naturally occurring phenomena of empty space. Mr Krauss has a video on ‘something from nothing‘ that I blogged about. Oh great, now I’m referring to my own blog posts.

God did it is not an answer. It has all the explanatory power of saying the FSM did it. It is no more useful than saying that ‘shit happens’ (Stercus accidit) because it does not explain why god did it or how god did it only that he is guilty via some claim of creation that is without credible proof and which further makes other claims that are contradicted by science and reason. The question is asked in a way that implies the questioner knows the answer. They don’t. Trust me on that one. When you hear this question, ask them what the answer is. If they say that god did it here are a few questions you can ask:

  1. How do you know that to be true?
  2. How do you know it was not Lucifer?
  3. How do you know that the bible was written and/or inspired by god? Doesn’t Satan have that power as well?
  4. You feel it in your heart? What does it feel like in your heart when Satan is talking with you? How do you know that?
  5. Which story of creation do you subscribe to in the bible?
  6. When god was supposed to be creating things, when did he create Satan/Lucifer? Where did the angels and other heavenly hosts live while god was busy creating all existence?
  7. Why was Satan in the story Lo-o-o-o-ng before there is word that god created him? If that is out of place, how can we know the creation story is true?
  8. How do you truly know that a god created the universe? Why is your story of creation any better than the thousands of other creation stories?
  9. What the fuck, exactly, does a non-created universe look like?
  10. What do you mean you haven’t read your own bible? Do you have any clue what it says? Oh, never mind, of course you don’t.

Science is working on an answer. If all you plan on doing is sitting around making smart-ass comments instead of helping out, then why don’t you just STFU already.

Looks like this one will get broken into a couple of posts. It’s starting to get long. Apparently I’m not good at sound bites.

  1. i enjoy the part on satan. I mean for all its worth, it appears satan is the good guy in all the monotheistic religions. he is not killing anyone, just want a few followers and the dude is alright.
    I think satan could be god’s alter ego or to say it differently god must have multiple personality disorders

    • He definitely gets a bad rep. Theists are certain he exists and all the magic attributed to him is real so they only practice good magic.
      Black is white, good is wrong, complacency is progress, faith is virtue, truth is evil, independent thought is demon possession…. as long as the rules are fairly simple people keep following along believing whatever they are told.

      • To believe in god one must believe satan exists and that satan wants to them to sin against god.

        • You can be the best person in the world and you have sinned against god if you simply don’t worship him. This is the sign of a tyrant. You can be forgiven any other sin except not believing in him. Those are some pretty simple rules, in fact simple enough with a good enough prize offered to lure you away from actual truth and peace and contentment. All done without a scrap of credible evidence. Conspiracy theorists, I posit, were all born of religions. Religious belief makes it possible. How many ‘believers’ in the US also believe in UFOs and ancient aliens and ghosts? They were indoctrinated to believe in the unbelievable and will follow many such paths, convinced they are right because faith is a virtue, man! Without it you are no good. Soon enough, any faith becomes righteous for many. Churches will fight each other over doctrine yet join hands to banish evil gay people. It’s the equal of witchcraft… they believe it to be so. See my post on Christ The Assassin to see what I mean. I’d much rather drink a beer with a polytheist than a monotheist. Only monotheists want me dead for not believing. Their only god is a psycho with multiple personalities. Polytheism? There are lots of gods, some nicer than others. There is a god for beer, so you have to know they’re doing something right!

  2. Excellent post. You can post on Rational Hub as well. I’ve put a few things up. You should definitely do it.

    • ohh, I’ll have to check that out. Thanks

  3. this description of satan makes me think of imaginary friends who can be blamed for one’s mischievous deeds.

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