What Atheists REALLY Believe

There are many people who are talking about deconversions or why they are atheist. There are many scientists who talk about the universe and why they feel there is no god. I find it completely moving to see normal people who ‘get it’ about atheism and the universe. You don’t have to be famous or a scientist or even a educational elite. Atheism is for everyone. Here is a video by doodelay showing that he ‘gets it’ and perhaps has a very good ability to show that.

Watch this video, visit his channel, subscribe. I think he’s going to have lots of good stuff to show us.


  1. Beautiful and Poetic.

    • You have to go sub on his youtube channel. His other videos about biology/evolution/science are awesome. His descriptions and comment are excellent in my view.

  2. Many atheists are afraid to use the word spiritual, due to the religious connection to spiritualism, however it is a word that could be used to describe the video, as it was very uplifting in the way it was presented. Leaving out the connection the religious make to supernatural experiences they presume to have, this was a good, one could say spiritual, video.

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