Whooop, There It Is….

Regular readers will know that I have no kind words for atheism plus, not the idea, not the name, not the people who started it.

I knew push back was coming. Here is some of it and I feel obliged to spread it around. It’s long and it will make you think a bit. I think you should listen but that is up to you. No, that’s not a coy ploy. Everyone has their own opinion and there are ‘famous’ bloggers distancing themselves from the melee recently. Atheism plus was a bad idea from the start. Look closely at those that jumped on the bandwagon.



You don’t have to like the vlogger and you don’t have to dislike atheism plus supporters to understand that what has happened was wrong from start to finish. I have no way to attest to the right or wrong of every claim in this video but I was blocked several times for saying things which were NOT aggressive or negative. From day one atheism plus went crazy creepy clownish.

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