The Message Is Clear … Is It Loud Enough?

The message of critical thinking and free thought and atheism is clear. Is it loud enough. If the embedded videos strike you as exciting and fresh perhaps the message is not loud enough yet. An A Capella voice where we need an over-sized marching band with floats and fireworks and A CALLIOPE!



Part of the problem is that we are still trying tell people that their delusional beliefs are wrong. Nothing is so pervasive as a good idea. The theory of gravity… that was a good idea. Geometry, check. Vaccines, check. Washing your hands, check. Theory of relativity, check. Where is school house rock when you need them? Wait, there’s crash course?



Hooray for Stanford University. You can watch Leonard Susskind in the comfort of your home talking about Cosmology!



More of this please.



I think that logic and critical thinking should be advertised, shown to be useful everywhere. I know that sounds stupid, like advertising how to tie  your shoes, but I think we need to tell people more, more often, and without clouding the issue by telling how stupid their delusional thinking is. I like science bloggers and vloggers. Hollywood make geeks cool, they can make critical thinking cool. McGuyver almost did it. House it chipping away.

Any ideas on what else can be done to make non-deluded thinking the kind of thing that is ‘just how stuff gets done’?

  1. Hi.

    • How’s it going? Well, I hope 😉

      • It is. I just took a LONG nap. I dreamed of cuckqueaning or in my case being cucked, I suppose. What’s up with you?

        • Fighting internet cable/modem problems and work… but I don’t normally party this hard. This is special fun times.

          • You are partying then?

          • Are you really on a boat somewhere? I just woke up and am easily confused, even under the best of times.

            • Lol, sorry to have confused you. No, not on a boat. I understand what it’s like to wake up a bit confused. 😉

              • You just caught me again. Just woke up and I am confused. By life, not you this time.

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