The stupidity is epic…. I like that

Reason With Me

I resisted writing this blog because the stupidity of the content I am going to refute is embarrassing and honestly I shouldn’t even be wasting my time with it. But this author’s unbelievably brain-dead statements kept ringing in my head and I had to vent.

The article is titled: The Truth of Genesis: The Separation of Atheism and State. I know, I know. The title alone makes your brain hurt. Reading the article could make your head explode. I warned you.

The author claims that public school biology classes are teaching atheism. He defines atheism as a “religion of denial of a Creator.”

  • Biology classes teach biology. They are teaching science. Just because a side effect of true knowledge might lead a person to question unfounded claims about a god doesn’t make it an atheism class.
  • Atheism is NOT a religion. I have stated this point several times on this…

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