This post is very thought provoking in both conclusion and how it attempts to reduce the noise or extraneous issues surrounding the question of where morality comes from and whether it can come from a deity or not. I think Nietzsche gets a bad rap that he doesn’t deserve.


We have all heard the Christian say in a debate how god is the standard,(their triune god), and thus this divinity is proven by the inherent sense of right and wrong, in most of us. What can be said in rebuttal here? Can anything be said? Is god proven by our sense of right and wrong?

Of course, the logic here is absurd: if this were a scientific inquiry the fact that psychopaths exist would debase this fable that morality is divinely bestowed upon us all. Psychopaths, ‘soulless’ people, congenitally amoral, forsaken before they had the choice to sin. They lack this standard. And, unless god is capricious and unfair, or non-existent, this wouldn’t be the case. Every single human would be given an equally flat and sturdy launch pad to heaven.

Or, one could use the track-record of faith itself, the practice of being godlike, to show quite explicitly that belief…

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