Apologygate – WTF?

Lately I’ve been reading blogs and watching videos in which there seems to be a large number of people talking about or apologizing for some experiment involving a couple of obscure youtubers having a bit of an argument. Apparently the idea was to see if non-believers were more interested in drama than in content. It appears the hypothesis was correct, at least to some noticeable degree. The end result of this is 2 days of people apologizing for the stunt/experiment, their part in it, the damages their participation may have caused, and honest discussions about why it wasn’t right for them to do so.

My first thought was what the fuck is this? Where is the normal good content?

Then it HIT me… Why the fuck doesn’t the main stream media do this? It never hurt anyone to apologize or admit they were wrong or to talk about why what they did was wrong. I’ve done so recently myself. I’ve also been denied the privilege of commenting on several believer’s blogs recently.

Guess what?

I much prefer people who can say they were wrong and who can talk about what was wrong and what would have been right. So, my second thought was ‘Hey, this is good to see people admitting fault or failure and talking about why it was not right in their view and the views of others’ and that… yest that one simple thing, gives me hope for our species. It also tells me (all things considered) that I’m on the right side of the discussion.

  • I do not know.
  • Let’s go find out.
  • Can I get back to you?
  • I was wrong.
  • It’s my fault.
  • I shouldn’t have done it that way because…
  • I could have done it better. 

These are all things that each of us should know how to say, and not be afraid to say them.

That’s my lesson for today. My lesson that I learned. Maybe others will learn that from all of this broohaha.

  1. myatheistife, I agree.
    Thanks for researching my blogs. I make explicit what is already implicit in the literature. The teleonomic argument shows no divine intent- science, the one from pareidolia- science, the reduced animism- from the teleonomic-from science, the Flew- Lamberth, from his but with my wording, the Malebranche Reductio-from him and the non- gentic from theists’ arguments from happiness-purpose and from angst. I made the Carneades’ atelic one from his reply to Chysippus, Fr.Meslier’s from reading somewhere that he made the argument [big time in the literature now, but no mentioning of him], Reichenbach’s and Angeles’ from the latter’s ” The Problem of God: a Short Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion [ but powerful], Steele’s timelessness from his ” Atheism Explained: from Folly to Philosophy, and Dwight’s two arguments from his blog.
    And please, do post at any of them! I refer to this blog.
    We can push gnu atheism forward! I also have political blogs.
    Morgan-LynnGriggs Lamberth, aka Ignostic Morgan, Inquiring Lynn, Lord Griggs, Fr. Griggs,, Naturalist Griggsy , Rationalist Griggsy and Carneades, and KantHume.

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