This is THE 800 lb gorilla in the room that absolutely everyone needs to be talking about, but not very many are. Understand that the people who will do crazy things and use guns or whatever they can to kill people are not being treated correctly and are loose in society. It is not guns or knives or a special kind of guns. It’s the simple fact that we allow crazy people to wander the streets with no kind of supervision. Nobody is watching out for them, caring for them appropriately, or worrying what they might do next and watching. Our local communities need to be aware and watchful for such things – it is the only way to prevent such tragedies. It would still be a tragedy if he had stabbed 20 children… or only one.

Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News

Malformations of the human species
Kayla Bourque

The news that former criminology and psychology student, and convicted animal-torturer, Karla Bourque was released from prison last week is unsettling news. Kayla Bourque was convicted of cruelty towards animals and sentenced to eight months in prison, six of which she had already served. The judge in the case gave her the extra two months so that a long list of complex parole conditions could be prepared. These parole conditions included a ban on owning knives, needles or duct tape.

It raises challenging questions: this is a woman who has admitted wanting to kill homeless people, and who has shown to take pleasure in torturing her family pets, so why is she being released from prison after serving just eight-months, and what can be done about it? How do we protect ourselves and our communities against people who feel…

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