No, I have not fact checked everything in this slide show, but it does go along with my understanding of the situation. As an example of how this is the kind of reaction that is typical of both politicians and media, the Obama free cell phones deal is an extension of taxes levied for landline telephones since 1984. The gun ban lobby is in over-reaction mode and people are not looking at the facts to get to the true causes of such tragedies so we can work to prevent those real causes. As has been said, obese people are not obese because they have knives and forks. Killers are not killers because they have a gun or guns.

If you find anything in the slide show that is wrong, please let us know in the comments.

Caveat Lector

Thanks goes out to Grandpa Carl for dropping this atomic knowledge bomb on me, though I was once again unable to find specific attribution for who compiled this and set it up.

I’ve written before about my opinion regarding the current gun-control debate in general and the proposed assault-weapons ban specifically (which you can find here, and also hereandhere, and probably elsewhere on this blog). If you’re still unconvinced, I present a very scholarly essay on the assault-weapons aspect of the debate, as presented in a slide show for your visual learning pleasure.


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