Shadows And Things Unseen


There, in the shadows of what passes for culture these days,

I saw you.

Stalking the fringes of the fray.

Not alive, not dead; somewhere in between the two as if they are the bookends

of a life yet to live.

I watched you. It amused me to see

the pain as you tread on the shards of social drudgery

Question: rescue or merely distract?

It was there, all the signs, your eyes bore the mark of a slave

well heeled to the nuance of things unsaid, things overstated

I looked, then looked again ……..  rescue it is

Not a word, no wasted breath, just a nod of the head

the open air was refreshing, you breathed it in, looking at me

almost like you expected me to carry the conversation with ease

perhaps that was pleading and not expectation, I’ll never know

Your stuttered smile and nervous look…. a history written in a single look

I did not wait, no hesitation

my lips touched yours, no time for adulation

Twirl, shock, twirl again… conquest – my old friend, we meet here on these lips

Still, lips parted, eye to eye – no word spoken

Your hand touched my arm, I looked again – stern

Finally, the spell broken… words spoken with deafening whisper

You said them, eyes closed and down turned…

yes Sir.

  1. Wow.

    • I was unsure if that would be understood… I’m glad that you liked it

  2. Awesome!

    • robin claire
    • January 15th, 2013

    Hi Mal,
    You’re a poet! I didn’t know it!
    love to you friend,

    • I have a few hobbies and eccentricities… where eccentricity means ‘not on the same general orbit as most other people’ that is

    • robin claire
    • January 15th, 2013

    ps – very sweet poem.

    • Thank you robin, I’m glad you liked it

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