A Blog You Might Want To Visit – Miracles Afoot

I think that some folk might want to visit the THE LORDS CHIPS as it is an amazing blog. On two separate occasions this blogger has performed miracles. That’s right, miracles. He has made my comments disappear twice without even telling me he would do it. It’s pure magic, a miracle I tell you.

I wonder if he can do the same miracles in your life?



He made the following words disappear from the face of his blog, or maybe he just prevented them from ever showing up. It’s amazing either way.


“…. people like you do nothing but attack a person, or at least attempt to do so but fail.”
Is this not what you have done?

The bible is claimed varyingly to be the inspired word of a god and the inerrant word of a god etc.
Why should such a library need interpretation? Why does it contain so much that is no longer useful, except through interpretation?

Your god could have explained to the bronze age Israelites how to treat pork so that it would not make them sick. He did not. The bible looks exactly like the instructions that a bronze age man would come up with, not a being of infinite knowledge. Your Jesus could have said that slavery is bad and dark skin is not the mark of Cane – he did not. He could have said women are equal etc. – He did not.

As for other religions, you take interpretation of the texts to mean whatever you want it to mean to then say that your book doesn’t say ‘oppress others who do not believe as you do.’ This interpretation is nothing short of you inventing your own doctrine.

“As Christians yes we are suppose to spread the gospels, but we aren’t suppose to shove it down people’s throats like some Christians do.”
Obviously those other ‘christians’ interpret their holy text differently than you do. Which of you is right? Which of you is the false prophet?

“I find that atheists like you have a problem where you view each and every Christian by their title of Christian and you then deem them idiotic hypocrites without even thinking.”
I generally don’t waste time writing to idiotic hypocrites. I wrote to you, so clearly your perception is not as accurate as you think. Willing respectful atheists are not accomodationists. If you wish to learn from atheists, it is probably not the best advice to simply attack them as you seem to be doing here. You certainly do not seem to have learned anything from what I’ve offered.

There is also Ali Baba and the 40 theives. The problem of the source of all the names for the Christ and for your god. The idea that you are okay with there being a few different beliefs about this is indicative that the notion that there are no facts of value in the bible has some merit. There is no singly defined way to interpret the book and no definitive way to know which sect has it right. In short there is no definitive way to know your doctrine or your god. It’s all guess work.

You claim that Christians are not bound by Jewish law and you cited anti-gay scripture from the NT but you still want to use the 10 commandments and other bits from the OT – like the creation story as a prime example. Problematically, the Jesus story fulfills prophecy from the OT.

You do indeed say it’s wrong for people to pick and choose what they want to believe from their holy text, but you do it as well. Your interpretations are exactly that.

If you knew me better you would know that I have no issue with those seeking to find solace and comfort in life in whatever way they choose. I do, however, have a problem with those groups which want to push their dogma into the science classroom and onto the minds of those not able to defend against it. I do oppose those groups who spread hate and bigotry. If you are not one of those types of Christians I can only say ‘my bad’ but you have to understand that there is no definitive way to determine if you are one of the caustic, hateful, bigoted types or some new type of Christian that the world is not used to dealing with yet.

Given your last part, here is a genuine question of seeming relevance. If the OT does not apply to your sect of Christianity, do you believe in the creation story in Genesis? If yes, how do you explain how an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent god let that snake into the garden and then couldn’t find Adam and Eve and did not know what they had done? It will take some interpretation to get a logical answer, I’m sure. While you are at it, could you expound on why there was a Satan available but the story does not say when the god created Satan and the other heavenly hosts.

Your earnest and unquestionable study of the texts, it is hoped, will reveal some way to understand these things that does not further upset my valuation of the story.

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