My World View – What Gives Me Hope

There are many things that give me hope for the human species. Many. It would be hard to catalog them all in a post. I was just viewing progress here and there, checking bills, status, email etc. I per chance took a look at all time stats for this blog. I don’t want to say that I think the human race is saved or anything. I just want to comment and thank all the people who have stopped by here and read and perhaps commented. There are thousands of page views and thousands of comments. This is something that I never actually contemplated, not at all.

When I hear the phrase non-stamp collector (good blog too) I remember back when I was introduced to that hobby one winter solstice. It was really pretty cool. I was probably in the 3rd grade. It took skill to mount the stamps and there were a never ending number of stamps to collect. I had stamps from all over the world and those few letters and small pictures gave me some insight into those countries that I had never had before. I was suddenly aware that there really were people in other countries that I’d never even heard of. People who were smart, courageous, loving, caring, honest people. They spoke in languages I could not understand but they knew what sending letters was all about. They had stamps and everything.

It occurred to me one day that even if I knew nothing of those people, I knew they valued mail and writing and communicating. They probably used the mail for all the same reasons that my people did. Sending love letters, bills, legal notices, just saying hello, post cards, official government stuff, packages for the many birthdays… all of that, and suddenly, all those people were real to me. Very real. They had names and friends and games and houses and pets and pain and snow and grass and jobs and school. They were real people. I bet they had hospitals and swimming pools and soldiers and banks. Those little pieces of paper told me that there were people out there. Just like me. This world I knew suddenly got so much bigger that I couldn’t imagine how big it was.

Today, well, see these screen shots below? That world came back to visit me! Me! They are real people and some of them like what I think or at least stopped to listen for a minute. The world is full of good and real people. Over 7 billion of them. Some of them came to visit and I have no words to describe the meaning that brings to parts of my being. To know that some of those people or maybe their children have come to visit me, that snotty nosed kid who first learned about them trying to stick stamps in a book. I should have been about 8 or so when I truly learned that there is a world of people, all around me, as far as I could travel there are other people with other ideas and other dreams and other cares. I somehow imagined that unless I went to see them they would always be ‘out there’ somewhere. Today, we’ve made it so they can come to visit me. Me….

That gives me hope. We can communicate. If we can just talk, keep talking… we can work out the problems.

Do you think they want their stamps back? I still have them somewhere…

Countries-1 - 01132013 - 11:04:45 PM Countries-2 - 01132013 - 11:04:45 PM

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