Happy Birthday Mr Hawking!

Indeed, happy birthday to Mr Hawking. What a better world it is today for his ‘small’ contribution.

  1. Hi Mal,
    I went on Google and put in “Spirituality” and “Stephen Hawking” and read a few things by him.

    One thing I don’t see among great minds of our day. The idea of being “loved”. There is nothing talked about regarding being loved. It’s all brain, and no heart that I can see. It’s all ice-cold mental stuff. Even when I read about an atheist doing a loving thing, it feels all mental. I don’t feel warmth behind the acts.

    • Does truth have to feel good? It makes me feel good shouldn’t be a criteria for truth since feeling good is a completely subjective value. Do you think that religious stories feel warm to non-believers?

      • Hi Mal,

        I guess I’d take “love” before “truth”. What good is “truth” if there is no love in it? It was a love-power, not a truth-power that saved me from the terrible predicament I was in. I tried truth – a lot [I grew up in a house where my parents wanted truth above all else]. Truth-power didn’t help me one iota.

        I didn’t “feel the love” from Jesus until I tried Him – that means I tried Him with my whole being! Not just my head. I know another blogger who is also an atheist, who kind of would like to check this out – but he just can not totally abandon himself to the reality that Christ was/is a real being. I understand this. But at least he was willing to check it out before dismissing it entirely because there was no “truth” behind it.

        I know your story about this Mal. I know you tried to “check it out” a lot yourself. But you can’t latch onto this love until you come to Christ with both hands open. I couldn’t until my back was totally against the wall [I know you know that already]. You told me that sometimes you would even wish you could die from sadness. Maybe, during one of those times, you might re-read “her testimony and “the way she was saved”. You never know. If you got a taste of this love-power, you might see that truth-power would pale by comparison.

        Here’s a very gritty post I wrote describing my before and after pictures.
        At this time, I was trying to pursue truth as the answer to all my difficulties.


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