The Meaning Of Life – It’s Not Simply 42

I will some day learn and be good at making videos. That day is not here yet. In the mean time I have this video for you. I recommend that you spend a few minutes to appreciate the message and the creator of the video.


  1. Is there a transcript for this?

    • If I find a transcript I will post it … definitely

  2. Hi Mal,
    You might have them sometimes (?), but as I read the posts from the atheist blogging community, I hear of very little feelings other than “life is great and I have it all-together”. This video was like that too. But have you ever encountered ANYTHING that you could not control with your mind? Any overwhelming feelings of depression or anger or fear that you just couldn’t control – no matter how much “thinking” you tried to put into it? Have you EVER experienced anything like that? If so, what did you do to get through it and onto the other [sane] side of it?

    • Robin,
      I have been through years where it was all there was to get up, dress, work, work more, go home, give money away to collectors, sleep, repeat. I have had suicidal thoughts, depression, and I did have one panic attack. I had no control over that panic attack and I thought I was having a heart attack with no pain. Slurred speech, disoriented, couldn’t walk right, memory screwing up etc. I made huge changes right then. I’ve not had another episode.

      Every day, I get up, dress, work, do the things that I need to do to survive and try to find a few minutes in the day to do things that entertain me. There isn’t much more right now. When life gets hard, I’ve had to get hard right back and deal with it. So far I’ve managed to deal with everything that has come my way. Sometimes by simply doing nothing and surviving for a time. Other times by remaining calm so that I can react properly and make the necessary changes. The things that help me remain calm is knowing that there is no meaning to life, no purpose, no grand plan. Shit happens and sooner or later it will happen to me. I can take comfort that I was never homeless or starving. I’ve been through rough times, nearly dies once, all the normal sort of life troubles and some not so normal. That is how life works. When it’s your turn, suck it up … it will pass or you will figure out how to change things.

      People suck. You can’t depend on them. Occasionally they are helpful, but not always and not forever. You have to get through life on your own. No matter who says they will help or who promises help, you still have to do ALL of the work on your own. In my opinion it is better to start out with that understanding. It seems to make every helping hand seem not like a miracle but a true gesture of honest caring. I don’t blame it on a god, those people who have helped me did it because they care about me.

      All people are heroes. Each and everyone of us will do exactly what we need to do when the time comes to do it ,,, or not. You can sit around waiting to see what life will hand you next or you can figure out how to make changes and plan for a future that looks more comfortable for where you are sitting now. It doesn’t come easy, not at all. In fact, most days life sucks, shit happens, and there is no reason for it. It just is. Worrying about why it is this way or why god didn’t help out is just getting in the way of making the changes you need to make or planning for a better tomorrow.

      If a god helps you through your day, great. What does your god say about tomorrow or next week? What’s the plan?

      • Shit happens with me too and life is filled with days of this and that nonsense. I think I understand you better. I didn’t know you have so hard yourself. Now I do. Hope today is a better than average one.

  3. About “the plan”? I have God in my life but I don’t pretend to know a whole lot more than that. I am just grateful that I don’t have to have alcohol in my days any more. You already know that I attribute that victory to Him.

    • Yes, I know that you do and I attribute it to you. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Plans don’t have to be complex. Some days they are no more than make it to wake up time without a drink. Some days they are full of things to do, and other times it less industrious. The thing for me, have a plan. There is something fulfilling about getting something done that I had planned to do. It’s an accomplishment and this is what gives us value – accomplishment. We don’t have to design a super computer or discover the cure for cancer but a plan that we can complete… it’s fulfilling beyond reasonable measure. I always have a plan… always. Even when it looks like I don’t.

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