Here is a good post. There is need of all of us to study what happened in ancient times and not just what that books says to look at. Look at all of it, study it as a history so that we may know real facts.

R. L. Culpeper


This is the second installment of The Evolution of Religious Thought.  In this section I describe the process in which religious beliefs transfer between cultures.  Towards the end, I briefly touch on the affect this had on monotheism, specific to Christianity.  The purpose of this section is to provide the reader with a background on cultural diffusion so that when I begin discussing monotheism, some of the processes that Christianity and Islam implemented won’t be foreign.  I have assumed an intermediate level of understanding with regard to my examples, so if anyone feels I should elaborate more, please let me know.  Finally, here is a link to the first section of The Evolution of Religious Thought: The Genesis of Credulity.

Cultural Diffusion

There are generally three ways a conqueror handles those he defeats: by genocide, displacement, or assimilation.  The most common method is assimilation; often through slavery, but frequently by…

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    • January 6th, 2013

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