My World View – Talking About What I’ve Done, Not What I Plan To Do

I’m going to go ahead and say this.

Stop. Stop it already!

Ok, to be fair, let me explain. It seems quite natural that after reviewing the year just past we tend to look to the future to say that we’re going to do this or have this goal or that. Stop that! It does you absolutely no good. None. Not even a teensy weensy little bit. The end of the year is not the time to set goals for yourself. NOW is the time to set goals for yourself and review your progress on previous goals. What exactly do I mean by now? I mean right now, right here, each and every day. EVERY day, not once a year. I’d seriously like to not hear everyone’s new year’s resolutions because they mean NOTHING.

So do me a favor, you a favor, and the world a favor. Don’t talk about it. Grab a sound bite from Nike and just do it

When you’ve done it, come blog about it, be happy, and tell everyone that you managed to meet a goal you set for yourself.

That’s my plan. It’s been my plan for a long time. I’m not even going to say that I am good at it, but progress is dependent on me and not my telling other people that I’m  going to do this or that. Today I managed to meet one of those goals that I’ve been sucking at getting done for a while now. Today I’ve donated to American Atheists.

Whoa there. Before you condemn, I donate to many causes but I had been meaning to get around to donating to American Atheists directly and hadn’t done it. There is a wonderful podcast called the Magic Sandwich Show



Watch all three parts. There is a link in the info bar which takes you to where you can donate too.

It was cool seeing all these atheists in one conversation. I like it. You might too.

If I’m not mistaken, there are a number of self-help guru’s who will give you the same advice: Do, not talk. No matter what you do, your talking before hand will never match it. Do, then talk.

  1. Heah Mal!
    I did make a resolution this year [which I rarely do] BUT I’m not going to talk about it. Neither here nor anywhere else. I’m just going to DO IT! Only then, when I’ve done it will I come back and talk about it – Maybe. But this resolution needs to be continued for all the years of my life to come – so maybe I’ll never talk about it.
    love to you buddy,

    ps – please try to not throw up from this. I think I know how you feel about the Bible. But I thought this passage was pertinent.

    Matthew 6: 2-4
    “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

  2. robin,
    Of the very large number of things wrong with the Christian bible, high on the list is the fact that ‘Christians’ either don’t read it or don’t pay attention to what it says never mind follow what it says, and those that do are justifiably called nut-jobs. Lets not even get me started on what is wrong with how it is interpreted.

    Those ‘moderate Christians’ as they are called, become that way by using their subjective morality to pick and choose what parts of their holy book they adhere to.

    To touch on the passage you quote: To crow about your righteousness is disdainful, and it’s no surprise that somewhere in a holy text such behavior will be condemned. There are reasons for telling people what you’ve done. It is sometimes done to inspire others to give as well. That makes the notification, in and of itself, a charitable act. This is why the blood donor people give you a sticker to wear… to encourage others to give also.

    I did not write this post in any thoughtful reference to crowing about your achievements. My thinking was that instead of talking about what you’re going to do, just do it. If you want to afterwards, go ahead and talk about it. For instance, it would be useful to some if I take pictures and talk about how I remodeled my laundry room. Talking about it before hand or declaring a new year’s resolution to do so is of no use to anyone and annoyance to many. I once worked with a woman who went around the office handing out promise notes of some kind that she would lose 35 lbs in a year, like telling everyone and giving them memorabilia for the event would make it happen easier. Then she gained 5 lbs because she kept a drawer full of food and ate almost constantly. I wasn’t writing about donations and charity etc. It was the whole promise yourself to do something out loud thing… it’s annoying and most people never complete what they pronounce they are going to do anyway.

  3. Hi Mal,
    I can see how telling people of something you’ve done, can be useful in a way. I think though, that telling people for the wrong reason [ie- to aggrandize the self] doesn’t do any good what-so-ever.

    • I fully agree with that with minor exceptions… Telling someone that you just jumped from space with a parachute and you hold the record for highest, longest, fastest parachute jump is something of a resume even thought it is kind of bragging. It’s never clear cut but when someone seems to only be trying to be self aggrandizing it generally seems wrong, and does no good.

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