I Am Not A Clone But There Are Others Like Me

I found a new blogger tonight. One with a very interesting story. One that I think you should read.

It’s called What Comes To Mind Now…

In a kind of summary, here is what they conclude. A conclusion that I completely agree with. While this blogger speaks only for himself and no other speaks for him I want to jump up and wave my arms and say “hey, I agree with this and I think you should listen to what this guy has to say”

There is only one sacred truth about science, and that is: “there are no sacred truths”. Everything has to be inspected and re inspected. Arguments from the authorities (churches, politicians, institutions… Etc..) have no value to science. Scientists are humans, and humans make mistakes even the greatest of them. Einstein is not a god, and his theories are not a scientific bible. Science urge us to challenge Einstein and other scientific thoughts. If you have a valid theory that you think it can replace Einstein’s theory, pleaae submit it and PROVIDE EVIDENCE or ways to test your theory.

This is why God has no place in science… He cannot be tested. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist or that science proves his inexistence, but simply means WE HAVE NOT ENOUGH DATA TO CONFIRM OR DISMISS THIS HYPOTHESIS and untill then, there is no place for him in scientific literature, and his place in science is no more than fairy tails untill further evidence is found…

  1. Why on earth would God want to be exposed with our science? His interest is in faith. Believing what can’t be seen. Faith, for some STRANGE reason, is necessary in the spiritual realm. I don’t know why that is, but it seems to be absolutely necessary in the kingdom of heaven.

    The results of faith, however, can definitely be seen. People who are TRULY [and I mean TRULY – not FAKEY] of God seem to be able to do/think/say things that they could not do/think/say before they let God TRULY into their lives.

    I see you addressing all the “fakeys” out there; and you should be mad at them I feel. But why not try to separate out the “trulys” from the “fakeys”? Come January 15th, I will be 33 YEARS sober!! Before I let God truly into my life, I couldn’t stop drinking, no matter how much I tried – and tried – and tried. And this is only the tip of the ice-berg I’m talking about. I couldn’t do practically anything before I met Him. Just hide under the bed, cowering in terror – and drink to try to cope with that terror. Now, with Him, I’ve come out from under that bed, and, little by slow, I’m being taught how to live a decent life! This is a miracle – and it ALL happened because of faith.

    Love to you buddy,

    • There are, as always, a couple of points on which I disagree with you. There are plenty of people who, before getting medical help or therapeutic assistance, could not say/do/think as they do today. Some folk could not be the people they are today without medicine. The very transformative nature you claim of god can be claimed of Xanax, ‘little blue pills’, lithium, psychotherapy, group counseling and so on.

      You might consider the stories in that holy book. Back when, god came down and talked to people, sent angels and so forth. There have always been stories of how gods used to do things in person but in the here and now all religions make you take things on faith. It’s as if there never really was a god, just stories of gods. Your god is no different.

      • My belief about people being actual witnesses to “miracles” way back then? My belief is that there are still “miracles” going on today too. But there is so much focus on science today, that people are focusing so much of their attention on that, that they are missing these miracles. Have you read my testimony? I was actually present to a miracle!! I actually SAW Jesus!! and it transformed my life! But you will most probably say what happened to me was an hallucination. Are you then also among the group who are discounting this miracle, as people are doing today?

        The Page is here:



        • robin, I’ll try to be brief on this. There are no miracles. All miracles with more than one witness have been debunked. Any ‘miracle’ that has only one witness looks exactly like delirium or hallucination. There is only ever one witness to a hallucination. I won’t tell you that you didn’t experience what you claim but I will point out all the evidence that it might just have been a hallucination: alcohol abuse, ‘nothing left to lose’, consciously deciding to think thoughts that could lead to the hallucination, depression, desperation etc. I see no reason to think a miracle happened.

          When a plane crashes and all but one person dies people will claim it is a miracle. It’s not a miracle, it’s a tragedy because all but one person died. A miracle would be if the plane stopped falling, 12 inches from the ground until 10 seconds after everyone got out. People that didn’t go to work on 9/11 claim miracles when it was nothing more than a decision that would have gone unnoticed any other day. They claim that it’s a miracle that more people weren’t killed on 9/11 but that is not so, it was just bad timing on the part of the suicide hijackers. This stuff goes on and on. There are no verifiable miracles and all that have not yet been debunked look like hallucinations from every angle except that of the one and only witness.

          There are no verifiable miracles. If god requires that you be delusional and hallucinatory to see him, that’s not much of a deal. Even the stigmata have been shown to be self induced disorder with medical effects. If there were actual and verifiable miracles, there would only be one religion. Think about that. Not only do I not believe you but everyone of every other sect and denomination and faith don’t believe you. Only Christians believe in Jesus as god. All the rest of the world does not. There are even more people that believe you can push your body and mind until you hallucinate. Sometimes the very people that believe in miracles are certain that you can push your body till you hallucinate.

          It is extremely unlikely that you saw Jesus.

          • That is very sad – that you don’t believe me. But look at the results in my life… the changes.

            • I don’t doubt the changes, robin. I think it was your decision to make changes, no matter who or what you attribute them to, which has made the real difference. AA doesn’t care what you call god as long as you commit to making the changes required and can somehow rely on your ‘higher power’ as an anchor to stay committed to making the changes. Its a psychology thing. Studies have shown that AA and 12 step programs can be successful, but no more successful than no treatment at all on the whole. The higher power thing and sobriety… it’s something that you yourself do. If god was helping people in AA and 12 step programs his success rate sucks because it’s no better than people quitting with no treatment at all.


              If it works for you, good, but that does not mean that it works for anyone else. There are a lot of people who went to AA and believed in Jesus as their higher power who failed to quit. Your success does not prove that the deity is real, for if this was so, the failure of all the others would show the deity to be false/unreal.

              This is the trap that you create when you blame god for your own successes.

  2. I just read your post now (I’m new to WordPress so excuse my ignorance). Thanks for the presentation, which as far as I can read has generated a bit of a discussion 🙂

    See, the human psychology is not an easy thing to understand and to dismiss or prove what Robin Claire claims is not an easy task. We are in front of a person who used to act in a certain way in the past (and according to him, it looks like he had some bad habbits and some other personal stuff that he shouldn’t have done) and now he claims that his life has changed because he met Jesus (which is very hard to demonstrate because, for example, there is no recorded conversation between him and Jesus, nor there is a photo with him shaking hands with Jesus, and above all, this all happened in private, so we could easily said it was all made up), but nevertheless we are left in front of a fact that the life of this man has changed for better. He quit smoking/drinking and he might have stopped doing other things he or others consider as bad habbits.

    What makes Robin’s claims hard to believe is a machinery called reasoning. Of course we do not know the guy and we cannot verify if what he claims is true or false, but we could stary reasoning. Se let me do some basic analysis here.

    Hundreds of years ago, when people saw a man laying on the grownd shivering with some white cream coming out of his mouth, the used to think it was the deamon. Now with the help of science and the germ tbeory in microbiology when know it as “rabies” and we know where it comes from, how to prevent it, and how to cure it. Jesus in the bible did not provide any explanation on this, on the contrary, the man who had rabies was cured by Jesus by removing the evil spirit (maybe also the desease) and putting it into the innocent animals, pigs. That is awful anyway, Jesus does not demonstrate kindness to animals.

    People saw the celestial bodies especially the moon and wondered about them and since they had no means to reach it or discover what was it made of, the invented many claims and fiction about it. 2000 years ago people would consider you mad if you tell them that the moon is another world in heaven but it is darren dead and that we can reach it. They would tell you that God made it and we can’t reach it.

    If you went back 300 years ago and told people that we can communicate with other human beings on the other side of the globe almost instantaneously with a device we now call cell phone, nobody would take you seriously and will tell you that you are a dreamer and only God can do that. Guess what, we now do it every day.

    Same thing for the TV, for the magical mysterious box that lets you see other people inside it. Magic? Works of God?

    Vaccines were discovered by chance around 250 years ago, and to tell someone in the era of Isaac Newton, where London was devastated by the Plague thak killed thousands of thousands of people, and Newton had to cancel his trip to London and went back for 2 months to his home town, to tell someone that we exterminated plague by vaccines and our hygiene systems, people would think that either you are a God or a heretic .

    I can fill 1000 books and still lack space writing on the discoveries of science and how it brought well being to human beings and saved lives.

    This is a true demonstration to anybody that science works, and if you want, you can try it by yourself. More than that, Science never claims perfection, and scientists are the first to admit our deep ignorance about nature, but we are doing good progress. Religion instead claims to know the absolute truth but never helped healing people from diseases neither stopped natural disasters from happening or even predict them. Even churches and holy places were destroyed in natural disasters like the Haiti earthquake, so why was the house of God destroyed along with other houses? Why do churches have lightning protection? Isn’t this a lack of confidence?

    The more you think about it, the less it makes sense for the presence of such a good God. If you remove the God theory from your calculations then all of a sudden everything looks equal. A church can be equally destroyed as a normal building, a Christian can die from cancer as much as atheists also die from cancer.

    The more you think about it and the more science reveals the hidden secrets of reality the more God seems to be distant.

    So with all the respect to you Robin, it is really difficult for us to digest your words and easily attribute it to a kind of hallucination, or a very deep desire to believe that religion is true, whereas all the evidence around state the contrary.

    I am happy that you are a better person now. Really, I am happy for you, but without offending you, your story of how you reached this state is not convincing.

    When you are sick, you first go to the doctor for diagnostic and eventually get a cure, you do not invoke God! Why don’t you pray only, instead of consulting a doctor? You see, you have accepted the proproducts of science (medicine) but you are rejecting its methods (no God involved in science)

    Wish you all the best

    • Thank you.
      I will think about this and possibly get back to you. I will pray about it and see what comes up.
      It’s no big deal but, by the way, I’m a female person. I live in America where the name “Robin” is usually given to girls.
      My blog site is here: http://robinclaire.wordpress.com/me/

      • Hello Robin. Sorry my bad. I am not American, neither English is my first language. I’m terribly sorry for this mistake.

        My blog is also here, you can also see and read about reasons I became and atheist http://windowsshit.wordpress.com

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