My World View – Westboro Baptist Church

The Young Turks talk show had a piece on this where one host tries to say the WBC is a heinous hate group and the other compares Mike Huckabee and other pastors to WBC as if they are two sides of the same coin. Then the first host says “but WBC is so much worse” as if the degree of wrong makes a difference? Wrong is wrong, right?

They should all have their tax exempt status taken from them. When your message is the same as a qualified hate group, then you too are a hate group.

A single punch in the face is assault. If you punch someone in the face 3 times, it’s assault. There is little point in arguing that the extra two punches make it much worse. If you assault someone with an AR-15 assault rifle or a .9 mm hand gun, it’s still murder.

Arguing the degree is pointless, unless you’re trying to compare a punch in the face with mass murder, then you have a category mistake. Hate speech is hate speech. If you spout it you are part of a hate group. If you are a pastor you’ve made your entire church a hate group.

Let’s start 2013 with the right attitude. Hate speech is hate speech. Whether your holding dayglo signs at funerals or holding a consultant position with Fox News. Lets call it the way it is this year. If god hates fags, that puts the entirety of Christianity in danger of being a hate group!

What do you think?

  1. Love the play on words at the end 😀 a bit strong though.

    By the way, a big congrats for being the 3rd highest commenter on Grome Soapbox this year! And in true atheistic fashion I have the evidence to prove it:

    • Thanks! All that typing wasn’t wasted then LOL Happy New Year and more success this year

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