Imagine No Religion – Do It Now, Please.

Everyone should know that I am an anti-theist. That does not mean that I hate anyone that chooses to believe in a god or gods. It means that I would not want to worship any god as could be described by the monotheistic religions and those with creator gods. Those readers who are not monotheists should not take this post as an affront, nor those who are deists. This is primarily aimed at the monotheists of the world: Christians, Muslims, and Jews. They are the caustic and dangerous ones who cause me to be angered enough to speak out at all.

On with the post.

Yeah, I know. The conference isn’t supposed to happen for months yet. Come on! Lets do it here and now and keep on doing so long after the conference is over. Okay?



What might it be like with no religion, right now?

  • No useless prayer vigils for the dead children at Newtown
  • No useless midnight masses
  • No time wasted in prayer that does no good
  • People looking for actual workable ways to help those in need
  • Billions more in tax revenues
  • More space available for housing and public purposes
  • No more religious right
  • Conservative party with no base of any significance
  • No more genital mutilation
  • We can all agree on the founding of our countries
  • We can finally let people marry the people that they want to
  • Women can have equal rights
  • We’ll be rid of those influential people that would rather you die of aids than let you wear a condom
  • Women will be empowered by having complete control of their bodies

What else can you think of that would go away? Let us know in the comments

  1. No more morose fuckers trolling my street bible in hand! (Scotch tonight?)

    • I like that one, I forgot about street preachers. I live in an HOA community. Scotch? yes. Tonight? already LOL

    • Joe ‘Blondie’ Manco
    • January 3rd, 2013

    That’s a pretty good lineup. I was happy to see William B. Davis, the Smoking Man, included – awesome!

    • Yeah, I didn’t even know that he was an active skeptic. That’s kind of awesome in ways you wouldn’t ordinarily think of.

  2. Imagine God, but no religion.

    • I can’t. Neither make sense to me.

      • And that is ok too. 🙂

        • I have worked hard to find a place in the world where my world view fits how I see it all… I can only be that now. It doesn’t regiment me in who or how I pick friends though 😉

          • Same here. Perspective is relative to one’s own life experience. Who am I to tell you what you are experiencing?

          • Likewise, who is anyone else to tell me what I am experiencing. Not you specifically, but any person, book, or group of people.

            • Absofuckinglutely right. It is why I try to encourage people to ‘be’. Nothing more, just be. When you are yourself there is no better person that you can be. 😉

              • I have always been pretty cool about letting others be who they are without feeling the need to be it with them in order for either of our experiences to be any more or less real. Cheap copies are just that. Cheap. I did not believe in God through much of high school and into my early twenties. It is a part of my human experience too. It’s just not where I am at anymore. Atheism does not bother me unless they get all uppity or snide because I have my own beliefs. (again, nothing to do with you) Those types are just as bad as the bible pushers. IMO

                For me it is completely possible to experience God and reject religion. That’s just me.

                • I can and do experience the transcendent, I just don’t think there is a god behind it. I don’t take offence. Skin like an elephant. I understand that it is not nice being told you are wrong. In time you will figure out what you know and understand. Until then, it will always seem that those who tell you that you are wrong are just trying to ruin your day.

                  • What do you call transcendence?

              • Humans are likely the only living creatures (to my knowledge) who ponder the belief in God. Let’s say God is in fact real. Are any of the other creatures who don’t believe, ponder or even consider God any less deserving of whatever awaits all of us? If I had to guess, God has no problem with atheists.

                • Here’s the thing. If there is a truth, it must be true for the best of us and the least of us. So a truth must be true for a genius, you and me, an autistic, and a flatworm. Evolution has much evidence and life on this planet shares a common ancestor. If there is a god for me and you there is a god for a dog. If a dog does not contemplate a god then when you and I do it … well, it is a trick of our capability to think and not some natural thing. If dogs and cats don’t go to heaven, there is no place there for us either… or more specifically, it doesn’t exist.

                  • I believe in pure consciousness. That’s it. Consciousness is God (to me) and that runs through all of us…from the geniuses to the flatworms. We all have that breath of life, that consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not or contemplate it or not. It is true for everyone and everything. To me that is God. Belief and understanding of it is not necessary. Heaven is not a place we go to. The Kingdom of God is in each of us because at our essence we are all consciousness and so in that respect we are all already in Heaven if you want to look at it that way or we at least carry a piece of it around with us.

                    • You have defined god to be different than all major monotheistic religions… creating your own cult. Why carry on these trappings? Just say you have your own personal religion. You obviously do not believe as any ‘normal’ monotheistic religion. You have rejected all religion to form your own. The difference between you and I is that you still use religious speak and terminology. I do not. You still want to believe that there is some greater power… even though you know there is not one.

                    • The words used to describe it are irrelevant. And I have experienced “it” first hand, so it is a part of my journey. I don’t ask that others believe as I do. I have even questioned whether it is possible for anyone else to experience “God”, the universe, reality, transcendence, consciousness, whatever you want to call it–whether it is even possible for anyone else to experience it in the way I did/do. That goes back to perception being relative and each of us being on our own journey.

                      I don’t think I have formed my own religion, although that is an interesting take on it. I have formed my own opinion and I find that opinion to be valid. I don’t need anyone else to agree or conform to my experience for it to be anymore valid. In reality, I don’t want them to. It’s mine. Go get your own experience. Lol. If you want to call that “religion”, ok; call it religion. That is not how I have experienced religion so I won’t use that word to describe my beliefs.

                      I know there is more to “life” than meets the eye. I know what that “more” feels like as I have felt it first hand. I know the pureness of it eradicates every possible thing there is to experience, feel, know, and question just by the sheer power of it, just the intensity of it. I know because I felt it myself. I am not postulating; I am telling. But I am telling you my story, not yours.

                    • When you meet another who has their own opinion which needs no external confirmation as yours does not, what then? Do both of these new religions find favor among the god(s)? or is one right and one wrong? Is experience the only guide to living or knowing the truth?

                      You said: I know what that “more” feels like as I have felt it first hand. I know the pureness of it eradicates every possible thing there is to experience, feel, know, and question just by the sheer power of it, just the intensity of it. I know because I felt it myself. I am not postulating; I am telling.

                      You know what it feels like, yet it eradicates every possible thing there is to experience or feel, know and question… but you know what it feels like, and you have experienced it? Which is it?

                    • It was an experience that lasted a few moments. While I was experiencing it, yes it wiped away everything else and left no room for me to feel anything but it, but once it was over I went back to my normal self. So it is both.

                      Both of what new religions? I am not following you. I don’t believe in God(s) and I don’t believe in God the way most describe God. I don’t think belief systems matter one way or the other to “God”. Old ones die, new ones are born, nothing changes, God stays the same, none of them are wrong except when people use those beliefs to control and hurt others.

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