Random Things – 2012 Dec 29: Life Is A Simulation?

If we live in a simulation, how much of it can we control?

If this life is but a dream, where is the dreamer?

Do we choose the part we play? Is there an audience?

Can we wish our life into being, do we have that skill?

Is the simulation monitored? What are household cats for?

Are they spies reporting back on the state of the simulation?

Does everything really taste like chicken? What does chicken taste like?

If I can choose my role in the simulation, why do I choose nonconformist?

If I stop choosing emotions, does the simulation end?

Is anything real? Does it matter?

Can someone please pull the plugs for me…

  1. The “audience” is the most important thing here. Consciousness needs something of a differing heat (a different vibration) upon which to superimpose itself. Without that curtain there can be no consciousness. In fact, there can be nothing. What is the audience? Who is the audience?

    Years ago i wrote a play. It began with a character (the stories muse) wondering onto the stage, looking about, searching. He turned to the audience and recognises them. “Ah, good. An audience,” he says and sits down. “I’m glad you’re here. It means i am…”

    • I’ve never been convinced by the vibration arguments, of any stripe though I’ve come close when considered in light of string theory. At the moment it seems to me that time is the observance of energy dissipating in a medium. Space is the medium, and everything we know is energy. There could be some vibration involved there, but I’m not thinking of it like that… yet.

      It also occurs to me that intelligence is nothing without changing data/input. That is we could be the most intelligent beings ever, but without changing environment/input there is nothing for us to be intelligent about. Perhaps this is why we exist if we are but a dream or simulation?

      It also strikes me that our intelligence (collectively) cannot (theoretically) exceed the level of input variation. Written else-wise, The more we explore and learn, the more intelligent we become. This has a side effect axiom of making those who think they have all the answers, increasingly unintelligent.

      Can we become intelligent enough to control the simulation? It seems to me that theoretically we should be able to, and that then would become the goal should we find that this is a simulation.

      See what happens when you give me Scotch for the holidays?

      • By vibration i mean heat. Atoms moving at a different speed. That’s all vibration is, a different heat signature which makes things of a different heat distinguishable.

        Heavy spirits, huh? As long as its the good stuff, no worries.

        • I stay away from the heavy spirits unless it’s the good stuff. I think too much as it is LOL

          BTW, that kind of vibration I can agree with as it is no more than energy dissipating in a medium. Consider that inside that medium, time is relative to the energy and the medium. While a lightning strike lasts only milliseconds for us, inside that strike it would be an eternity of time.

          Hmmmmm back to the Scotch.

          • Go for it.

            Yeah, the word vibration has a new agey twang to it which distracts from what it truly is, just heat.

            • Heat is a byproduct of energy dissipation and I am all on board with both of those. My posts on ‘The Big Splash Theory’ is my take on how the Big Bang might actually appear from outside of this universe. It is based on my understanding of dissipation of energy in a medium and more or less tracks M-Theory. It came to my mind as I contemplated all the ways in which William Lane Craig and his version of the Kalam Cosmological Argument are wrong. Seriously, Just one of his lectures using that argument could take 5 or 6 posts to fully take apart and display it as the shit pile that it is.

              The universe can begin to be without cause or intelligent actors. From that point on Hawking and Krauss have put paid to any other arguments. This option takes nothing more complex than the ‘universe’ itself for all that we know to come to being. Given this perspective, absolutely everything that comes out of WLC’s mouth can fairly be called bullshit… at least when he’s being the apologist.

  2. I read in your ABOUT ME that you probably wouldn’t be posting deep and meaningful thoughts.

    And you know what? You were right!! lol

    Teasing of course. You always give us something to think about. 🙂

    I am the one who has nothing meaningful to add. 😦

    • Meaningful is in the head of the reader. These are thoughts I’ve had when trying to consider living in a simulation and what would make sense of that. Thanks for commenting… always.

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