Do You Know What Atheism Plus Is? You Should!

Hello dear readers. Many of you will know that I have no kind words for atheism plus nor feminism in general I’m an equalist. There are far too many people claiming to want equality when what they really want is superiority. It’s tricky to call them out because when you do they start screaming and stamping their feet and pleading that they are being victimized. The vlogger Thunderf00t was unfairly treated by such a group: atheism plus.

Many months on they are still crying about how they are mistreated. The trouble is that now they are being disliked because they’re completely wrong and offensive. Here is Thunderf00t’s take on things as they have evolved over the months.

You don’t have to agree with Thunderf00t nor me but you will need to stop and think about what is being said here in this video and go investigate and decide for yourself before you are sucked into a group that would unfairly use your support to build an unequal society.

AGAIN   You don’t have to agree with me or Thunderf00t. I’m only asking that you take an honest look at all the evidence and argument and decide where it is that you want to be lead by those who claim to be leaders. That sounds divisive, but I don’t know any other way to warn you that I think there is a group out to mislead you and use your support for less than honorable ends.

UPDATE:  Here’s another voice – Lucien Mavrick with a post about the very same people doing all the wrong things. If you are wondering what real abuse of women looks like, go read Dead Wild Roses and their post about gang rape of women on the streets of India.


This business with atheism plus is insidious and appalling. I would not support men who sexually harass female speakers and I won’t as soon as they start naming them. It’s hard to punish anyone without a suspect or guilty party. That’s right, not one name has been handed out. They are using fear and fear mongering to create a ‘movement’ in support of women. It’s wrong no matter how you do it and when you compare it to what is happening in India it’s petty and insolent. There is much more about the atrocities in India at Ramani’s Blog Go read about what real abuse and misogeny is. It will put an entirely different light on Watson, McCreight et al.

  1. Thank you for referring my blog.
    Atrocities on women is not limited to India,it is spread throughout the world.
    Please read my blogs other ill treatment of women,,perversions elsewhere as well

    • Ramani, I read most of your blog posts. You have a good blog, but I don’t find myself often moved to comment … I usually pressed for time, but do hit the like button. I have noticed several blog posts lately about the rape issue. And before that many other concerns. I learn from them, but feel unqualified to comment most times. Thank you

  2. Thank you for visiting my site often.

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