Stand And Deliver – Or Die

I’ve often said that believers should call out those that speak in the name of their religion who are less than stable, who are in fact nut-jobs. I would not and do not ask anyone to do anything that I would not do. Integrity does not need elitist classes. It is for everyone. This video is calling out the most egregious (currently, there will be others) group of non-believers and their cult like inanity. If you don’t like profanity you shouldn’t be reading my blog. This video includes some profanity which I think is well placed. These people should anger us to the point of using profanity, to the point of having nothing else to say that has any weight. These people are profane in their very existence. They use the term atheism as if it means something other than not believing in gods. They are idiots. Watch the video and know that right here, right now, I’m calling these idiots out as profane abusers of reason. I do not like them. As I have said many times before, I speak for no other and no other speaks for me. Just the same, let me be clear, atheism plus and its cohorts are idiots who should not be thought of as speaking for anyone but the mentally deficient.

I am an equalist. Equality is not easy, it is not cheap, and it will be painful for all involved including myself. These atheism plus people want only to get their own way at your expense. They are bad people. Yes, I’m an equalist, and that means that idiots have rights… it keeps me up at night, but it is something that must be. The value of reasoned argument is the key to valued society. In this harsh light such idiots are left to rot.

Enjoy this video… it calls out the current crop of idiots who think they can use my atheism as a platform for their bigotry. Fuck them. Yes, I said that. Feel free to hate them as much as I do. wheeeeeeee

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