Say Somthing Real

If you read my blog, for whatever reason… I’m asking that in this time of celebration that you say something real. It does not matter if it is hurtful or not PC. Say something real.

My statement of something real is this:

Fuck this plastic time where I have to be happy, I have to help others be happy. Fuck this. Is there no one out there that can simply be honest and real? Is this entire season about plastic people and unreal sentiment?

  1. I love this!
    Christmas does appear to be a time when you have to be happy- regardless of what is going on.
    Sadly the question you say about this season being plastic and unreal is answered with a yes.

    • Get with it, throw some stuff around.. show us what you hate

  2. Before i came to Brazil i’d never found cause to hate anyone. I mean truly hate them. Real, internal, heartfelt loathing of someone to their core. That has now changed. I fucking hate the assholes who keep dumping animals in my suburb. This happens on a weekly basis. Just three days ago neighbours of mine found a live cat with its legs tied, in a sealed plastic garbage bag. A few days before a puppy was dumped in my garage… it died 20 minutes later on my bed. Every fucking week its something truly horrendous.

    Now, I’ve not thrown a punch in my life, but if i find one of these dicks in the process of dumping another puppy, another kitten, another adult dog who for whatever reason has now become an “inconvenience” to them i’m going to beat the living shit of that asshole… and i will not care if its a woman or a man twice my size. These are not humans.

    • Now that, that is human, that is real. I want to celebrate that.I want to celebrate that more than some tree or lights. That is something to celebrate. The avenger of mistreatment of animals.

  3. Something real? My response would be:
    I wish I was as happy at this time of year as I used to be.

    • That’s real… thanks

    • J_Agathokles
    • December 25th, 2012

    I wish there was as much variation in gay porn as there is in straight porn.

    • THAT is awesome reality … awesome! Lets see santa deal with that!

        • J_Agathokles
        • December 25th, 2012

        To further underscore my point, a video by Davey Wavey about this exact issue 🙂

  4. Real men don’t pee sitting down

    • And real old men don’t trust farts! LOLOLOLOL

  5. I’m christian but….

    I hurt during the holidays. I have as far back as I can remember. I could say that I hate them but the truth is that I know better. I know that a lot of my (self-centered) anger is a defense mechanism for (self-centered) fear. I feel fear during this time of year.

    As a little girl I had a lot to be afraid of, especially during this time. My father was a hard man, but during the holidays, he was absolutely dreadfully dreadful, and I had a good reason to be afraid. Now I am an adult, but I am still afraid like I was as a child. I want to; I try to; but I can’t yet seem to divorce my past from my present state of consciousness.

    I’ve been told to start some new traditions to replace the old (dreadful) ones. I’ve been trying to do that this year. It’s been intense, to say the least – terrifying – this forging ahead with new traditions. But “traditions” take time to become “traditions” so I am going to forge ahead some more next year with the better ones that I started this year. I want to become free of this horrible fear, enough to start rutting out some new, and better, pathways to follow. So that Christmas will become more than something one just endures.


    • Thanks for that honesty. That’s my tradition now. Honesty at this time of year. I do not like Christmas. It is plastic and fraught with expectations of compliance. I feel much more comfortable with Saturnalia. Eat, drink, sleep, repeat. Perhaps it is not for everyone, but I’m no longer putting all my eggs in one basket (to borrow from the spring solstice) … the celebration is about life, my life and the lives of those around me and we will celebrate being alive. We’re not celebrating the dead anymore, not dead deities, not dead soldiers, not dead anything. Life and the living, that’s what I celebrate. period.

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