To go along with my other post on the shooting and how the gun is not the problem. Here is evidence that a ban would not have the effect that politicians and news media outlets are implying that it would have. It would not stop the shootings.

Clark County Conservative

AR-15America has seen another tragic incident where a madman has stolen legal weapons, forced his way into an elementary school and murdered 28 people, 20 of them small children. That he took his own life is of little consolation, having saved the state the effort.

As expected, the gun used now receives all blame as all across America, gun-hating politicians once again push for another “Assault Weapons Ban” as the previous such ban expired in 2004. That such a ban did nothing to prevent such murderous events is completely ignored.

Politicians imposed an “Assault Weapons Ban” in September 1994 with a 10 year sunshine clause, allowing it to expire in September 2004. During the time of that ban, we saw the following happen,

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  1. All I have to say is this.

    • Hey Don, thanks for stopping by. I don’t disagree that fewer guns would be better. I’m only saying that gun control will not make this problem go away. Thinking that it will has ‘fail’ written all over it. If we don’t address the underlying issues, weapons of some sort will get used to kill others. If there are no assault weapons then other weapons will get used.

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