How To Annoy An Atheist: A Correction Of Sorts

Amber Restorative (love that name) has written up a post on why it’s not really productive to say that atheists have faith, especially why said faith is not like that of theists, especially Christian type theists.

How To Annoy An Atheist: A Correction Of Sorts.

I have bumped knuckles on this one a time or two before and this is probably the best write up I’ve seen so far. To quote Amber

It is the age old battle between Faith and Reason. Therefore, to say that an atheist has faith in science is to encourage a grand misunderstanding on the part of the theist. I shall do it no longer.

The meanings of words and how we use them is incredibly important. This topic brings that into focus for us. One thing the post misses out is that we generally tend to refer to religious faith as blind faith where faith in general is something based on evidence. I tend to try to use blind faith when referencing religious faith.


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