As unpopular as these thoughts are lately and in the coming weeks, I believe them to be true.

Oracle of Reason

It has been 2 days since the tragic shootings that occurred in Newton, Connecticut and Clackamas, Oregon. Both incidents involved young men walking around properties with firearms, shooting anyone they came across and then committing suicide. Not surprisingly, anti-gun groups and politicians are sounding the alarm, making the incidents out to be the reason to pass more gun legislation. Never mind that Connecticut already has stringent regulations on the sale and possession of firearms and that one lone gun owner carrying a concealed firearm helped stop the assailant in the Clackamas, Oregon mall incident.

What makes the shooting in Newton even more disturbing is the age of the victims who were between the ages and 5 and 10. The killer was 20 year old Adam Lanza in which, sadly, he murdered his mother and then drove to a local school where he worked and shot and killed faculty and students…

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