What Is Humanity?

There are probably lots of answers if you ask lots of people. In my view, it’s about people facing the slings and arrows of life with grace and humility. Honesty and a sense of humor help… trust me on that one. I just watched a delightful movie that demonstrates what I mean. I encourage you to watch it.

Here’s a bit of a peek


The Magic Of Belle Isle … go get you some

  1. I like the words…”It’s never too late.”

  2. Hi Mal,
    I watched the movie and liked it very much. There are a lot of bombs out there lately. This one wasn’t one of them.

    • It made me laugh a ton of times.

      “Drinking is an arduous profession and I can’t be expected to hold down two jobs at once!”

      “Lose the bunny hop for a start”

      “Look out there and tell me what you don’t see”

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