Mutual knowledge and experience is how we know what we know is most probably right, and not simply our imagination.
I am, MyAtheistLife, and I approve this message

Rex Dominguez

There’s an awesome RCAnimate* video which discuses mutual knowledge, and briefly talks about an age old story-The Emperor’s New Cloths. A classic tale about a vain Emperor who paraded about town in nothing at all (believing the was clothed), while the whole town clapped and cheered until a child cried out, “He’s naked! Why’s everyone clapping?”

The speaker then goes on to talk about the strange affect this has, because at first glance it only seems the child is stating the obvious, everyone knew the Emperor was naked. But once the child said it, everyone knew that every other person knew the man was naked. Now individual knowledge is mutual knowledge, so everyone can talk about the Emperor without the fear of social repercussions. Mutual knowledge is a driving force–If we only had a screaming kid around when we confront the problems of the world!

Well, it just so happens…

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  1. Hi Mal,
    So you’re back. Did you go on vacation? I wondered what happened to you.
    Heah, I need a little help with something if you know about how to do this. On the comments I make, I noticed that you can’t get to my blog if you click on my name (at the top of my comment) but only to my Gravatar page. I don’t know how to fix this. I asked wordpress support but they didn’t have much to say about it.
    Any help would be really appreciated,
    robin claire

    • If you hold your mouse over your bird icon it will pop up a window with your blog name there. Go to your gravatar page and see what you can change there? It has links to your blog. I have never known the gravatar links to be any different.

      No vacation, just work. Way too much work which I must continue for some time yet. Occasional breaks, but work work work. Thanks for thinking of me. I’ll catch up on email one day soon.

      • Heah Mal,
        It’s nice to hear from you. Work Work Work huh?
        ps – I figured out the problem and was able to fix it. ALL BY MYSELF! Wow! It wasn’t always like this but, I feel so dumb around computers now-a-days.

        • Very good, I am glad you got it fixed. WordPress is not always intuitive.
          Yes,, work work work, and then when I’ve done that, work some more.

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