What Does It Sound Like When Religion Dies? Do You Know?

This is the sound of religion in its death throws.

There will be those that excuse it and explain it, but what it is in actuality is fundamentalist religion admitting that science is right. Not because they want to but because if they don’t they will soon be irrelevant. They will be irrelevant soon enough anyway, but there is no call for them to surrender.



He says ‘revealed science’ like there is magic to it, but there is not. There is only science. Science has shown that there is no need for a god.



  1. Pat Robertson ass backwards = Robert Pattinson = 6000 year old shape-shifting vampire.

    • I like that description….

  2. I always try to take away something positive from these videos. Had to listen twice to find something….(not really).
    I heard it the first time……….lynching…..good idea.

    • I thought the same thing… then he started talking about science?????

  3. cool, I’m going to watch the videos, the stephen hawking one, I probably won’t be able to finish in one sitting

    • I seem to be fond of blogging hours of videos in one blog 🙂

  4. Someday i hope you find whatever answers you are really looking for, to the questions you are really asking, whatever they be.

    Believe me, science has not shown there is no need for a god. You need to stop looking at religion and associating with ‘god created the world, in literally 7 days and there is no such thing as evolution, and god has created all these miracles and bended the laws of the universe’.

    Youre obviously an intelligent guy, you pride yourself on thinking logically i bet. But what you really are failing to see is that you are not thinking as logically as you think. For whatever reason, you ‘want’ to prove that god does not exist. The more interesting topic here for me is, why is that?

    The overriding point that seems to come off your blog (right or wrong) as long as ive been following it, on topics to do with god, is that you dont want god to exist.

    • You presume to know what is truth. How dare you. How Dare You! You have zero credible evidence for your point of view yet you condescend to me? I do not care whether a god exists or not. I have seen zero evidence for thinking it might be true that a god could even exist. You have offered not one shred of credible evidence of your own, only criticisms of my point of view. How Dare You. You know that you don’t have provable truth, you have only blind faith and think I’m wrong for not believing your self proclaimed truths.

      The one thing, the one useful thing that I want is just credible evidence that belief is not wrong. That’s all I ask. You have your beliefs and all I’ve ever said is why should I believe your wild claims. There is no god without proof, so all your belief is simply moot. I have never said what I would prefer, only what I’ve seen evidence for. You clearly think I’m foolish for being unconvinced.. but if your god is real, it should be a cinch that it could prove to me that it is real… I’m waiting.

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