What Sense Do You Make Of This?

In the video below we witness a young kitten who was born blind. We’re all probably familiar with kittens and the mischief they’re likely to get up to. Watch this one and see if it’s any different…

Now, the hard part. Imagine that you are that kitten. What would life be like for you?

We are exactly that kitten yet we have convinced ourselves that our senses are in tact and the kitchen we live in is all there is.

Science helps us to compensate for our limited senses. Ignoring science or denying its facts is like saying you want to be a blind kitten. Go on then. Close your eyes and get out your holy text and tell me how you think the universe really is. I need a laugh.

  1. Hej myatheistlife.

    O it was so cute kitty. Thank you for a video that made my day. For your joy and laugh, I will get you Moses account in Torah were Moses recorded that “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I[YHWY – God]?”(Exodus account recorded in 4:11)

    Science make it awesome to know that God, if He exist, created a kitty that does not depend on sight and intelligent human being that a compasionate to take care of the weak.. Science does not help us or kitty compensate for our limited sense, as Mathematics or Philosophy or theology. We help us or the kitty is programmed by God or its DNA to help itself using the tool that a given. Science, mathematics, philosophy and theology are tools given to help describe what we see around us and how to correctly interact with the reality as we help ourselves.

    Given evolution, survival for the fittest, this kitty is unwanted product that would have been food for others. Blindness and other of kind are the weak that are cut off from evolutionary process by natural selection. The strong survive, the weak perish.

    Your blog reader and follower,

  2. I used to feel sorry for animals or humans born without a certain sense; however, I can’t remember where I heard this, I heard someone say recently that we have a terrible sense of smell compared to most other animals (ok, I knew this part), and if those animals knew that we couldn’t smell as well as them, they might pity us. Well, I don’t feel pitiful, so I guess this kitten doesn’t either 🙂 Now… losing a sense… that’s a sad situation no doubt.

    • And we each make do with what we’ve got. I find it a source of continual amazement what animals can teach us.

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