Look, if you have ever thought the adventures of Tom Sawyer were fun, you have to go visit this blog. It’s an order. This is absolutely delightful reading. Go get you some.


I like to think of Manof and myself as the modern day Picaso of culinary art. By that I mean our work is generally a mess and looks hideous, but people seem to like it anyway. Our cooking has been known to explode in the oven, turn molten and leak out of the oven, burst into flames and even get on the ceiling. You may not believe me, but no word of a lie, if you visited Manof’s old house you would find a small filled in hole in the ceiling from when we flipped a pancake too high, it got stuck to the ceiling so instead of pulling it off with his hands, Manof poked it with a knife a bit too vigorously. But I can tell you in all honesty, nothing we have ever made has tasted bad. 

This is the story of a particularly memorable meal we…

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