Melody Sheep … Leading The Pack Again

There are some things in this world that truly need no introduction nor accompaniment. What Melodysheep does is something that has struck a chord in me… from the first video I witnessed. You don’t simply watch them in my opinion.

So it is that I entreat you to experience this. Remember when and who gave this speech, what has happened since and the many petabytes of information that were not available then. We barely knew what air conditioning felt like, and nothing we consider modern was available to him. What strength can you take from this? The very ideas you yearn to see made real in the world have been dreamed of for longer than any of us wants to remember or even contemplate … for even in the contemplation we must admit that we have failed over and over again to achieve the ideals which we all want and think we stand for.


There is even more good news: NASA is building a warp drive! No, I’m not fucking kidding. Screw the flying car, I want Earth 2.0 in my life time!


Warp Drive For The Win (

Okay, maybe they won’t build it next week, but you have to admit this is cool! Science for the win.

  1. “The Greatest Speech Ever Made”

    It truly deserves that title. Never, and i mean never will i tire of listening to it. Thanks for sharing.

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