Blavatar Justin Bieber is STILL Popular, and Teen Girls are STILL Stupid

Justin Bieber is not worth enough of my time to write a blog post but I do have a question for you: There are many who wonder why we don’t have more female scientists, politicians and so forth. You can all relax, I think the question has been answered.
The question? Have you been to Lucien’s blog yet? Go and visit Lucien’s blog too, good stuff.

Lucien Maverick's Blog

I did a post a couple years back called “Modern Teenage Girls = Dumb.” In this post, I talked about how, if you look at teenage pop culture, and how ridiculously stupid it is.  The role models for teenagers now are the tepid, pathetic, asexual imps.  Unless, of course, they are girls, but even then, the girls in these pieces of pop culture who are interested in love don’t have a CLUE what real love is.  To them, love is the Full House, pathetic and super-awesome all the time attraction.  Love is simple, easy, and has no problems.  As is the case with the music of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber represents everything that is wrong with our culture.  This pathetic, asexual little girl (he isn’t not a man.  He has no balls) need to be forgotten by our culture.  But he isn’t being forgotten.  No, instead, while his…

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