Sam Harris: Riding the Philosophic Short Bus

Here you go. I wish I’d been able to think it through so clearly as this. Enjoy… Even Mr Harris should enjoy this one.

Eric Hyde's Blog

To begin, I would like to tip my hat to Sam Harris. He is an all-star neuroscientist and fantastic author and speaker, but more than that, he’s brave!

Brave? Yes, brave.

Any scientist willing to commit to a strict philosophical naturalism and not allow the element of human thought to escape its clutches has attempted something noble—consistency; something truly rare these days.

But… let us not confuse consistency with “congruence.” Congruence is not simply intellectual consistency, but consistency of being. In psychology, congruence is the idea of agreement between what you think and what you do, i.e. allowing your philosophy to dictate your behavior. Yet, though I praise Harris for going further than many naturalists are willing to go, I fault him for stopping short of acting consistently with his philosophy.

Taking the leap into strict naturalism and aligning one’s arguments accordingly entails not only subjecting human thought to the…

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