Hell Yes. If you have not heard this before, listen, click replay, listen again. Save it to your machine, set it up to play every time you start your computer. Love is not something on it’s own. It’s nothing. It is the absence of fear. Without fear, love is the nature of us. It is the nature of a child until that child learns to fear things, learns to fear everything. Stop choosing fear, stop teaching fear. Refuse to choose fear.

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“The world is like a ride at an amusement park […] the ride goes up and down and round and round; it has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly coloured and it’s very loud […] and we can change it any time we like; it’s just a choice […] between fear and love.”

– Bill Hicks

When faced with that choice, which do you pick: fear or love? I don’t mean to ask which you’d like to think you pick or which one would make you happier; I mean to ask you to be introspective and use hindsight for a moment and figure out which one you have a habit of picking. I pick fear. I don’t mean to and I don’t like myself for it, but I do pick fear.

I pick fear so absolutely that I even pick fear of love. Isn’t that ridiculous? How I…

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  1. I like this post.
    I know you hate to hear this but…..

    I live in God’s love because I’m afraid of living without it. I am surrounded by the love of God every moment throughout my daily life. It is the glue that holds the shattered remnants of my life together. I never knew the power that unconditional love contained before I came to God – through Christ. As far as I know, Christ is the only way because he’s the only incarnation of unconditional love this planet has ever encountered – before or since.

    • robin, I know that is how you feel. I also know that you are not able to answer the hard questions about god, that it is a personal thing for you, and that you don’t understand how you can do it on your own. Your statement about incarnation of unconditional love is, I think, something of an insult to my dog. He loves me unconditionally, truly.

      If, as you say, the Christian god is all that love there remains to be found an explanation for why so many Christians and Christian organizations are flat out bigoted and hate filled. There is a huge disconnect between what you describe and what the rest of the world sees in Christianity.

      • I forgot about dogs. They do seem to be unconditional lovers. I have two of them myself. They can be comforting in times of trouble too, but they are only animals and I found could not fix me the way I needed to be fixed.

        I really want you to get this Mal.
        My Christian walk is a unique one. It has NOTHING to do with other Christians! I met Christ in my bedroom in the middle of the night – alone. Just me and Him and a Soul Saver’s Bible that I picked up by ACCIDENT! I think you read my testimony so I’m pretty sure you know that much about me already. I go to church – and that’s nice – but my walk has NOTHING to do with church either! It’s totally between me and this loving God who I was introduced to through a loving Jesus. As I see it, it seems to be that this God-powered-love is of a super-natural nature such that it was powerful enough to put my shattered world back together again. And I was truly shattered. When I finally allowed JC into my personal space (and this took and act of God I can assure you), He put me back together again – using the super-natural-power-of a supreme love to do it. Though I agree with you that dogs love with their whole souls, this type of “God love” is waaayyyy stronger than the love that could come from my dogs.

        • I know its a personal thing for you and that you are not supporting Christianity in general nor trying to sell it to anyone. You are a a great example of the kind of believer that I have no problem with. I am not concerned about what gets a person through their day, or over the hump… only what they push onto others or how they oppress or restrict the rights of others. I don’t see you as one of the caustic kind of people.

          That’s an admission on my part that everyone who claims to be a Christian is not the same… even though I generally tar them all with the same brush. Most of them are caustic or supportive of caustic elements of monotheism, and you do not seem to be that kind of person.

          • Thank you Mal,
            I don’t want to be one of those types of Christians and I don’t want you to believe that ALL Christians are of the caliber you’ve run into. I really enjoy your posts and the way you write. You’ve been very busy on the internet the last couple of days; I noticed.

            • I took a few hours off of working for myself and ended up blogging and reading 🙂

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