Can You Believe It?

If you spent time watching the movie you have not heard the debunking of it. Check this

The movie talks about things such as “the sun was worshipped by the ancients” and I do not dispute this. Information that has been widely known for countless years I will not mention. My goal is to only debate the new ideas they put forth that challenge older ones.

That said, a lot of people claim that “I do not believe everything in the movie, but this thing seems true to me, so you should watch it.” Just because something of substance might be found, does not make it a good / factual movie. For example, if I have a pie, and I fill it with dirt and put a slice of apple in it, it does not make it an apple pie — though some would claim so. If I can’t find any information in the film to be true, I will say so, however sometimes people who criticize me say that if I “can’t prove it isn’t true, then it must be true”. I’m sorry, that isn’t how science works.

In these pages I will state their claim intended and in a slightly different color, and below it I will have a sourced rebuttal. I may also separate them into sections to make it easier to find things, these will be noted by larger headers. I also want to avoid explaining things more than once, so a large section may not have every problem brought forth, but these problems are instead addressed later.

You can see from that video how it is possible to create credible stories from just a little bit of fact, or even urban myth. I encourage you to compare ancient religions to Christianity. There are Youtube videos and websites all over the place. Christianity is NOT a new thing, but a repeat of older myths mixed with slightly different ideas. Study the real history and archaeology .. do NOT accept believers ideas about their own faith. They don’t know. They have not studied. Examine the evidence for yourself. It is freely available.

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