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An atheist, a secularist, an agnostic.

I keep running into people telling me that religion provides objective morality, which makes NO sense. Much of this comes directly from what I said to a fellow blogger on this site, regarding morality and its ties to religion:

Christian morality is SUBJECTIVE morality, because it is one of many competing schools of thought (other religions) that people believe for subjective reasons, not objective ones. If there were objective reasons to believe in Christianity or any other religion, meaning if there were proof or solid evidence, then there wouldn’t be any competing schools of thought. So who decides what morality is? People ultimately do, through trial and error – and because evolutionary processes instilled in us give us an objective morality, which some people do seem to lack (or have a warped one), but you cannot account for every crazy person in the world, some people just aren’t right. In…

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  1. November 16th, 2012
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