The Next Logical Step For Theological Argument

I’ve been thinking, as I listened to the video clip below, theists and apologists use the same thread bare arguments which have been used for centuries. They have been refuted time and time again but they keep using them as if somehow repetition creates truth. I’ve been wanting to hear someone excoriate WLC for a while now. Here you go:



When atheists debate apologists they soundly refute these arguments and countless bloggers have refuted them. In the style of war or tit-for-tat, there should be a return volley from apologists. Where is it? Where is the counter argument to the refutations of apologists? Where is the counter argument to Hitchens, or Dawkins?

Why don’t apologists attack the refutations rather than simply reiterate their tired old arguments? Am I missing something? Am I not watching the right blogs and Youtube channels?
Let me know in the comments below….

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