My World View – Equalism

What is equalism? Yes, it is a word in use and it has a definition. For those of you interested, a good definition and explanation is blow the picture.

What I want to say is that if you oppose equal rights for any group or if your religion demands that you oppose equal rights and that you actively work to suppress the rights of other groups, well, I want you to wear this dog tag everywhere you go. You never know when your god might strike down a natural disaster on your area, or allow evil to befall you. You must be prepared. Get yourself a medic alert dog tag now so that you won’t be sullied in a disaster.


Only Heterosexual Christians May Provide Medical Assistance


by Carol Wohlfeil

Created on: May 12, 2007   Last Updated: May 16, 2007

What is Equalism?

Equalism is the belief that all human beings, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnic origin, or any other factor that defines our individual differences, are totally equal. Supporters of equalism believe that in order for equality to exist, society as a whole must be virtually “color-blind” and “gender-blind,” and that the laws and policies which govern our society must be created for the benefit of all and not based on these differences. The term equalism is often interchanged with the word eqalitarianism, a philosophy which by definition means, “affirming, promoting, or characterized by belief in equal political, economic, social, and civil rights for all people.”

Equalists are not supportive of such movements as feminism as they see this not as a quest for equality, but simply for women’s rights. They believe that legal and social changes occurring through the efforts of such movements only serve those of the group and further disrupt the balance of equality. They also argue against the elements of affirmative action, which is the process of making opportunities more easily available to groups that have been discriminated against in the past. Equalists believe that such actions are no less discriminatory, they simply discriminate against a different group. They do not believe that equality can be achieved if changes are the product of accountability for past wrongs. Thus, affirmative action is often referred to as “reverse discrimination.”

Socialist equalism is an extreme form of equalism known to be even more radical in its support for equality. Followers of this doctrine believe that such things as individual competition should be eliminated because it focuses on the inequality or weaknesses of others.

As so many distinct groups seek support in their individual fight for equal rights, we often lose sight of the complexity of the problem. Equalists believe the problems of our society will not be solved by giving more rights to women, ethnic groups, or immigrants to the extent that they feel satisfactorily compensated for past suffering. Instead, the equal treatment of all individuals is the only true and complete definition of equality.

  1. Equalism before the law is something everyone should support. I support equality, not favoritism, not even for a minute. I used to label myself a feminist, but Barbara Walker talked me out of that in her book Man Made God.
    We have to admit that physically and mentally people are not equal, however, and that because of this, regardless of our best intentions, some turn out to be more equal.

    • I agree in as much as I could never have been an NFL front lineman nor a ballerina. We each excel at some things but not others. This does not make us not equal and choosing the best ballerina for your show or best lineman for your team does not make you bigoted. This is no more than choosing success (or best prospects of it) over failure. Now, if you choose a white lineman over a black one when both are equally qualified physically due only to skin color, this is bigoted. I do believe in meritocracy because it leads generally to greater success but then again, greater success is not always the goal. Where success is defined for a specific well scoped task, choosing the best is not bigotry. This can lead, some would say, to social darwinism. This is where we need to see that greater success is not the goal, or that greater success is not a case of determining which is worse in general.
      Society does not have a defined, well scoped goal, and so we get to choose for any given task from a pool of candidates. Limiting the pool necessarily means limiting our chances for greater success in those well scoped tasks. We need only see S.Hawking to know that social darwinism is self defeating in the long run.

      Evolution would appear to favor getting rid of the weaker members, and when they die early their DNA is not passed on so to some extent evolution does create this pressure through fitness for environment. Equality means that all are given the same chance, the same protections, and the same value for ability, and this necessarily means that none are weeded out by consensus vote. Nature has the only veto in that regard.

      No, this is not support for pro-life. Equality starts with your first breath, until then there is no guarantee that the baby is viable and the baby is not yet a citizen to be considered for protection under the law. We cannot guarantee rights for what might be, only what is. It should be noted that nature can veto a life in the womb also, and often does. The law has no business inserting itself into the life or womb of a woman or family before the child is a citizen. Do I think equalists all believe this way? No.

    • What did Barbara Walker say in Man Made God?

      • She said that to be called a feminist one must support a matriarchy. I no more support a matriarchy than I do a patriarchy. I support equality.

        • Wow. Yah, that’s just dumb. That’s one author I’ll strike off my “to-read” list 🙂

          • The rest of the book is A-1. It has a lot of info. If not for that one failing I would actually have promoted the book.

  2. Hi! I have a question on the equalist position on human babies. Is a human baby located in the uterus equal to a human baby in a location other than the uterus?

  3. I speak for myself, not everyone else who is an equalist. If you could define the term human baby and the term ‘location other than the uterus’ I’d be happy to give you my take.

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