James Randi is awesome. This blog post is important to know about. Go read. For my religious readers, the point that Randi is making is that your passive support of fanatics and the religion that supports them is caustic to society… even if you don’t mean for it to be.

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James Randi now retired is a famous illusionist who has staked $1 million for anyone that can prove paranormal activity or psychic ability is taking place. Since 1996 the fund remains intact. He has devoted his remaining years to debunk supernatural claims with rational explanations:

There is a lot of credulity out there and what people really need to be convinced about is to think carefully before they commit to any belief. Expose every belief to the light of reason, discourse, facts, scientific observations; question everything, be sceptical because this is the only chance at life you will ever get.


That brings us to Sanal Edamaruku in India who, under blasphemy laws, is facing a potential court appearance for proving that a supposed miracle in a church was caused by a leak.


Like Randi, he is committed to rationalism and exposes charlatans that would fool those willing to…

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    • J_Agathokles
    • November 13th, 2012

    Which is why I always oppose such people, even if they are of my own religion (and yes there some… unfortunately. Well, gotta have douchebags in every random group of human beings…). What it usually ends up in is them calling me a Jewish pig/Zionist/genetic waste from across the Alps (being a northern “barbarian”), and more of that. I just laugh my ass off at their incredible stupidity.

    • that gives me an idea for a post 😉

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