A Bandwagon To Jump On

I tend to have a slightly different view of the world despite the fact that people agree with me. That will happen if you stick around long enough. There were and are people whom I have looked up to and still do. None of them are worthy of deification but I think them worthy of knowing. I think their lives are worth examination and imitation.

For instance, I think that both of my grandfathers are this kind of person. But I don’t limit my admiration and respect only to family members. Some of the very first glimpses of critical thinking that I ever took notice of was the works of Carl Sagan. I still enjoy them immensely. The melodysheep stuff is awesome.

So let me jump on the Carl Sagan day bandwagon. I do so with joy.

I don’t think I can remember anything as inspiring to me as ‘the pale blue dot’ was and is.

Happy Carl Sagan Day.
Go search the intarweb toobes. Revisit a hero.

And I nearly forgot this one. It always impressed me that someone like Sagan could seem to positively gush with admiration about someone of antiquity – Hypatia. If I could have an evening with Sagan I would ask him to retell this story, and explain how he feels about it.


    • Joe ‘Blondie’ Manco
    • November 8th, 2012

    This man deserves a Google doodle.

    • He definitely does!

    • J_Agathokles
    • November 9th, 2012

    The Library of Alexandria… It almost makes me cry every time I think about it. Though I’m not convinced of the role slavery is made out to have played in that video. The church didn’t exactly do much about that, it was for a long time the largest slave owner in the Imperium! Not even the Emperor had as many slaves. And the reason steam power and such never really caught on is because it was just cheaper to have slave labor, or even payed labor, then to have to build such machines on a large scale. And furthermore, where would they’ve gotten all the fuel that requires? They didn’t have access to coal like people in the Industrial Revolution had.

    • To me the murder of Hypatia instigated the dark ages and enshrined forever the idea that the monotheistic churches are absolutely incompatible with reason and logic and science. I want to hear the Pope apologize for that one. — “Oh, our bad, sorry about those dark ages… but thanks for the crusades!”

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