Theist? Here’s A Question For You

The Thinking Atheist has a question for you.

WARNING! This video has some disturbing images.

UPDATE: a modified version has been posted



So, what do you think? Is such a god worthy of worship?

  1. What a video!! And what a question!! My Christian walk is not rocked by this – for some reason, I believe that’s because of the amount of loved I sense lavished on my by the creator. But it is a very good question that I don’t have an answer to; at least not right now. Again, I’ll ask around.
    Very good video.
    By the way, might you tell me your first name? I don’t even know if your a girl or a guy and I would love to address you more personally.

    • You can call me Mal if you like. I think that keeping my blog gender neutral has a positive effect on the message, if any, that I’m trying to convey. I try to not encumber it with preconceptions about privilege, gender, and such as might taint the reader’s context.

      It is a pet peeve when I see people writing and they choose to use she instead of he and think this is somehow showing equality or neutrality. It’s almost as if the English language is not being taught properly in schools.

      I did not intend to specifically upset anyone’s faith. It is a question that lingers in my mind as to why anyone would believe anything about the monotheistic gods. Personal experience does not effectively cover up the inconsistencies and failed logic in my experience. This question makes absolute sense to me and he Thinking Atheist’s video really makes it visceral.

      • OK Mal, thank you for giving me a name that I can address you by, since we are seemingly developing a relationship here. When I talk about other people, like other bloggers for instance, I almost always use the pronouns they, their, and them so as not to be gender-biased. I also do this because of protecting anonymity. I’m in AA and sometimes talk about someone else in the program. I use these non-gender pronouns to insure that the person I’m speaking about is never recognized.

  2. Can you tell me two things?

    One: How did you start being able to put more space between your lines of text? I put this question into the WordPress support network too.

    Two: I would like to re-blog this video for other Christian bloggers to see but I don’t know how to do that either. I went to the WordPress support people about this too, but I think you have to pay for it. Is that correct?

  3. Also: I love all your posings and questions. I’m used to this because of hanging out with my Gnostic twin sister [whom I deeply love]. I do not try to “convert” her, but trying to give answers all her very difficult questions makes me have to dig deeper myself into the why’s and how’s of my faith. Is there really a firm foundation to living by a Christian faith?

    • For the lines, I edit the post from the dashboard edit window. Just press return a couple of times after each line. To reblog a post, you can use the reblog button. If you want to link to the video, cilck on the youtube icon in the lower right corner to open it up in youtube. Then click on the share button, then the embed button, then copy and paste the embed code into your blog post. For lines, you can also often insert an html tag for a new line which is ” I had to break it up to keep it from just being interpreted as a new line like between start

      As for a firm foundation in a Christian life. I’d say ask yourself what guides your moral judgments? Do you follow the bible to the letter? Do you pick and choose which parts of it apply to your life? Jesus said he came to fulfill the law, not deprecate OT law, that not one jot nor tittle of the law would pass away until all had come to pass. The 10 commandments are in the OT. Which parts of the OT do you not think moral? which parts did YHWH or Jesus say you can ignore? If you find the laws or commandments not in keeping with your own morality I’d say it’s not a solid foundation for life.

  4. Shoot, Youtube says video has been removed.

    • Gah! Sorry about that. That sucks. It was no worse that a BBC medical film. Sigh.

    • Damn! Oh Well, on to bigger and better videos

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