15 Seconds

Tonight history was made. No matter what you think of elections in the USA, each one is a historical event. Tonight, Romney made a gracious concession speech. Then Obama made a gracious and audacious acceptance speech. Whether he meant every word or not. politics is a grand play and I was right there with him on all of it right up to the last 15 seconds. In the last 15 seconds was his only pandering to the religious folk in America. That is fine on it’s own but while he did pander to immigrants and GLBTQ citizens he did not recognize those of non-belief. That means his one statement about gods and no statements about non-belief mean that we atheists are again left out of the grand play, the theater of sublime democracy. We don’t even get mentioned, never mind lip service.


I’m dissapointed.

    • Joe ‘Blondie’ Manco
    • November 7th, 2012

    It would’ve been good if he’d left off the God bless you at the end and made no reference to religion or lack thereof at all.

    In that case, do you think many would have even registered it? Or would most be pointing out that he made no reference to God? I would guess no, but I may be projecting the Australian character onto the average American. We, of course, have an atheist PM here, although she wasn’t elected, just kind of replaced the old PM one day.

  1. I did not hope for a positive reference to non-belief. It disappointed me that the made a positive reference to belief. I think no one would have noticed a lack of positive reference to gods except religious fanatics. It disappoints me that such pandering is necessary. I like the Ausie PM btw.

      • lifeminuschrist
      • November 7th, 2012

      She’s pretty fiery

  2. I didn’t listen to it….too tired. But I agree with your thoughts.

    I am waiting for ‘visions of things yet to come’.

    oh oh……that sounds like something from the Bible or somewhere. 😦

    • I hope those visions include being #1 in the world for engineering and science programs.

      • Yes, the scales have fallen from my eyes and I clearly see that as happening. 🙂

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