I got beaten to the post on this one. Enjoy. I did …. What is also needed is a picture roll call of all the republicans who opened their mouths and shamed themselves in the past 4-8 years. Palin, Santorum – I’m looking at you two. Joe the plumber – you ought to be hiding your face for a while too.

Skepticism, Properly Applied

I don’t think I have anything to say about the election that hasn’t already been said, but I wanted to put it out here in my own words, with my own perspective. On this morning after the election I’m feeling more hopeful about my country than I have in several months. The biggest things that I’ve been turning over happily in my mind are these…

You still can’t get away with trivializing rape or forced pregnancy
This picture sums it up pretty nicely (click to see the whole thing). A series of quotes favoring requiring rape victims to carry a pregnancy to term, with the word "defeated" stamped over the face of each politician who uttered the quote. What appalled me about these quotes wasn’t that there are people who actually think these things — I knew that was true. What appalled me was that these professional politicians judged those statements as safe to make. They thought enough Americans would agree with them, and enough of those who disagreed wouldn’t care, that coming out in favor of requiring a…

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