“Stamp Collecting” Is Foolish

I recently referenced the canard that atheism is a religion like not stamp collecting is a hobby. It was in short order that reader drenn1077 brought up the following points:

What is the value of non-stamp collecting? If all stamp collectors were trying to make everyone else collect stamps perhaps you might see the value there. If all stamp collectors looked at non-stamp collectors and sneered, perhaps then. If all stamp collectors said that you had to collect stamps or die a horrible death lasting for an eternity, perhaps then. If stamp collectors told you that you were evil for not collecting stamps….
Whereas not collecting stamps is often used as an analogy, it doesn’t actually explain why many atheists decide … enough is enough. Then, allowing that an individual is not as strong as a group, you might seek out like-minded individuals and try to form one.

Attrib: Wikimedia

This is an interesting group of thoughts. While non-belief is a religion in the same way that not stamp collecting is a hobby drenn1077 has pointed out the ugly part of that. An admission that to use this comparison we have to admit that “the stamp collectors” are doing damage at every turn.

In this life, the only one we are certain to have, believing in another life afterwards is as useful as collecting stamps. Sure, there are those running around telling us to collect stamps or burn, but also that we must collect them in a certain fashion and save them in an album of their approving.

It’s not simply enough to collect stamps, you have to do all these other things. You have to do them with the right ritual, use the right book, and present your collection just so if you want to be saved. These very ‘stamp collectors’ also want to run your government so that it is not possible to legally not collect stamps or event to collect them in a way that they disapprove of.

Yes, even if you collect stamps, they want to make sure that legally you have to use their guide book and stamp album.

We have antitrust laws to prevent such in business and some countries have laws to prevent this in government.

Theists (stamp collectors) don’t seem to care. They want what they want and act like they are be persecuted when they get any push back at all.

I’m tired of people being indignant because I don’t want to collect stamps. I do not find any evidence that collecting stamps is of any value in this life never mind a life that has no evidence of existence.



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