18 Minutes Can Be A Hell Of A Long Time

Eighteen minutes can seem like a hell of a long time. Every day we find periods which seem to drag on forever or pass so quickly we can’t really recall what happened.

Some of you might guess why 18 minutes is important just now. For me it is several reason. There is the Texas 18 Minute Reason  and then there is this 18 minute reason.


No, I’m not saying they are the same thing, but you might see where one reminded me of the other. 18 minutes of destruction.

No, I’ve got no superior words of wisdom on this. I just found it clever that one reminded me of the other.



  1. Faith IS “Pretending to know things I do not know”. I do not argue that point. And I believe that there are many things going on in the universe that I don’t know about – nor understand. I have Faith in this. Faith that there are many things in the universe that I don’t know about. Is this true, this not knowing? Definitely. We don’t know many things because we’re still learning new things about the universe. And I will continue to have faith that we WILL be learning more and more things about our universe.

  2. His point was that we should not be calling it faith that we’ll learn more. The difference in meanings that words drag along with them is important. There are several meanings for the word faith, and you have not used the word wrongly. He suggests that we use different words instead of having faith that the sun will rise in the morning. Lets leave faith for things that are not knowable. I know the sun will appear to rise and do not need belief or faith. This is true right up to the very unlikely situation where the Earth stops spinning or leaves its orbit about the Sun. This is not blind faith or pretending to know something I do not. It is knowledge, not faith. He says that the word faith must be relegated in use to only those things that cannot be known.

    We don’t need faith to know that we will be learning more about the universe in which we live. This is fact, with many evidences. We do not need faith for it.

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